Proof that Joe Dovinh is a Fan of Tran, and a liar

Joe "Homer" Doh!-vinh

Back on March 1, 2010 I wrote about the entrance of Joe Dovinh into the race for the Democratic Party nomination for 68th Assembly District challenging Phu Nguyen, The Van “Trannies” in Democrats Clothing – “Doh!”-vinh. Mr. Dovinh took exception to that story so Dan Chmielewski took Joe up on his offer to give us an interview to tell his side of the stor, Joe Dovinh: A Democratic Fan of Van Tran. Well, fast forward to this past week when I learned of what Dovinh had to say on his local Vietnamese radio broadcast about the probable match-up between Tran and Sanchez in the general election for the 47th Congressional District seat.

Here is what Dovinh had to say about Loretta and Van when Dan spoke with him back in March:

“I will vote for my party (of the CD-47 race), however I am supportive of Van Tran as a Vietnamese American,” said Dovinh.  “I will support Vietnamese Americans who can promote and advance our agenda and I think Van Tran can if he is given the chance.  But I will vote with my party on that race.  I also know Van Tran will vote for the Republican candidate in AD 68 and not me.  We don’t always agree politically but we’re friends personally.”

And here is what he had to say on the radio this past week:

Joseph "Joe" Dovinh

“Van Tran will most likely win the primary election and become the official Republican candidate against Loretta Sanchez in November.  Therefore, Loretta Sanchez is scared and has to try her best to please the aspirations of our community.  Most recently, in Washington DC , she met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to advocate for Vietnam to be put back on the Countries of Particular Concerned (CPC) list.  However, with only 20 minutes, I wonder if Loretta was able to convince Hillary about this issue.  Even though Loretta loudly claims that for the last 10 years, she always fights for freedom, democracy, and human rights in Vietnam, she does not have any accomplishments to show for it.” – Joe Dovinh

Maybe it’s just me, but those comments do not seem to be coming from a supporter of Loretta Sanchez. For those of you who understand Vietnamese here is the audio of his remarks.


I am left here with only one conclusion. Joe Dovinh is a FAN of Van Tran, and a liar. And as I’ve said before, he is a Van Tran plant in this race.


  1. Wow Chris, you’ve truly connected the dots from Joseph “Doh” Vinh to the Trannies. A smoking gun with a lot of methane gas from the manure of the Tran machine.

  2. Loretta doesnt rally have to worry about the Vietnamese vote in her district. The bulk of the viet community lives outside of her district.

  3. Anyway, Joe is lying about Loretta. There’s been no greater Congressional champion of human rights in Vietnam than Loretta, and the Viets in her district know that.

    Joe’s having a very hard time speaking out both sides of his mouth, trying to “be” a Democrat while staying loyal to his old friend Van. I don’t envy him. It makes him positively incoherent. And they always forget that we all eventually hear what they say on Viet media.

    Well, it will all be over tonight. And again, congratulations to the newlyweds Joe and Dina!

  4. Vern — and those at the Orange Joke would be absolute experts on matters that are “positively incoherent.” Thanks for chekcing in. Will Art be attending Choi’s party for the free food tonight?

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