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Moorlach: Do as I say or You’re Fired!

I wrote about this on June 3rd Moorlach is a sore-loser! but since it is on the Board of Supes. meeting agenda for Tuesday I think it’s appropriate that the matter be revisited.

To recap - Board Chairman and Emperor, Chicken Little John Moorlach was quite pissed off when the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) Board of Directors chose to oppose his efforts to sue the system to force them to rescind the retroactive portion of the 3@50 retirement benefit for public safety employees. He was so pissed off that he threatened to remove all of those appointed members who didn’t vote his way.

The first item on the consent calendar is the clarification of the calculation of terms for members. With this “revised” calculation formula, all four appointed positions are up for reappointment. They are, based upon the recalculated terms: Arthur Hidalgo, term expired 12/31/06; Tom Lightvoet, term expired 12/31/07; Reed Royalty, term expired 12/31/07; and George Jeffries, term expired 12/31/07.

Reed Royalty    Tom Lightvoet    George Jeffries    Arthur Hidalgo

The second item on consent is the appointment of Patti Gorczyca to replace Tom Lightvoet on the OCERS Board. 

My post on June 3rd was based primarily on the story written by OCRegister reporter Peggy Lowe in Total Buzz. In her report, Peggy relayed the following:

In defending the move, Moorlach said he had been friends with Lightvoet for 25 years, but that he believes a “business relationship” Lightvoet has with the Association of Orange County Deputies is a conflict of interest. Lightvoet’s support from the unions, Moorlach said, “seems to make an interesting statement.”

“I have a concern about whether we are being properly represented and whether there’s a conflict of interest,” Moorlach said.

Conflict of Interest? Chairman Moorlach, with all due respect (of which there is none due); You are so full of your own crap that it is oozing out of your ears. The only conflict of interest is the one between you and the appointed members of the OCERS Board who chose to adhere to their fiduciary duties and not roll over for your frivolous lawsuit against the retirement system.

If we are to believe that Chairman Moorlach is sincere in his desire to fill terms that should have been filled a while ago, then why is he only proposing to replace one of the members with an expired term? Why not all? Why not replace the Chairman Reed Royalty, who also opposed his grand scheme?

This is nothing more than intimidation and political retaliation. Moorlach is trying to bring the rest of the Board into line. If the rest do not quickly recant and kneel at his throne, he will remove them as well. Kind of like King Henry VIII’s Oath of Succession that demanded that persons swearing the oath renounce the power of any ‘foreign authority or potentate’ and repudiate any oath previously made to such an authority. The oath required that all clergy accept that King Henry VIII was the only leader of the Church in England or be put to death.

Such are the ways of the Emperor Chicken Little Moorlach.