Santa Ana City Council Meeting Recap

Unfortunately Chris Prevatt was unable to make it to the Santa Ana City Council meeting to give Claudia Alvarez a hard time. Fortunately I was able to step in and do one of my favorite pasttime activities, piss off Claudia Alvarez. It seems to have worked. To understand the events leading up to this, at the last Council meeting, Claudia Alvarez censored several speakers who tried to say her name claiming that interrupted the “decorum” of the meeting, but allowed two former Councilmembers to mention specific current Councilmembers by name. She clearly abused her power as acting Mayor and Chris Prevatt rightfully pointed it out on several posts here on The Liberal OC.

I spoke to the Council and called out Claudia Alvarez by name. Mayor Pulido was there this time and made no mention of a rule that says criticizing a Councilmember by name ruins the “decorum” of the meeting. I told her straight out we are allowed to say her name in comments, whether or not she likes what is being said. The “princess” immediately hung her head down and refused to even look at me for the rest of the comments.

I went on to thank the Council for recognizing the innaugural Harvey Milk Day and then went on to the big item of the night, the resolution to oppose SB 1070. I was one of many speakers who spoke in favor of this resolution. The one person to oppose it was Lupe Moreno, the self-proclaimed Latina Minutewoman who blames all Mexican immigrants for having a crappy life. She made some crazy claims that Mexico and the Council plotted to schedule the Fiestas Patrias on 9/11 and it was all some sort of grand conspiracy.

In my comments, I called her out for the hate she has spread and urged the council to not listen to such rantings, although I don’t think they were. I pointed out her organization is responsible for the murder of a nine-year old latina girl in Arizona named Brisenia Flores and pointed out that is what her kind of hate leads to. People in the audience cheered and Lupe Moreno booed. I am sure having the blood of a nine year old child on her hands really irks her. Unfortunately I was unable to stay, but irking Claudia Alvarez and Lupe Moreno all in one night sure was fun.

Not surprisingly, the  Council unanimously(almost) approved the resolution, with Bustamante abstaining from a portion of the resolution. Vincent Sarmiento even directed the City Attorney to draft an amicus brief in support of the ongoing challenge to SB 1070. I was also informed that on another item, our favorite Councilwoman took some pot shots at our State Legislators, Jose Solorio and Lou Correa. WOW! Someone is still bitter at losing by 20 percentage points to Solorio. We are working on getting the video of the meeting and will post this latest meltdown once we have it.


  1. she’s just become this bitter horrible person who isnt gonna go any further than the santa ans city council. she’s another one i voted into office and have come to regret it. at least solorio is a likeable guy. i’ll never forget that dirty election against umberg when she was claiming to be “one of us” hey claudia i hate to break it to you but if you werent born in santa ana you aint one of us.

  2. Kinda makes me long for old times when I used to frequent the meetings. Maybe I make an appearance real soon.

  3. lisann you should frequent the meetings you always have something interesting to say and i dont think they want you to say it which makes it more reason why you should attend the meetings.

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