Nelson gets warned by FPPC, but Grindle regrets filing complaint

R. Shawn Nelson, Fullerton City Council

The Voice of OC has reported that:

In an April 6 letter to Nelson, the FPPC said “your actions violated the (Political Reform) Act” because he should have filed his statement by March 12 but “only filed your statement on March 22, 2010, after you learned that a sworn complaint (by Grindle) was filed against you.”

There are no fines or other actions associated with warning letters.

But in a bit of a twist, OC political watchdog Shirley Grindle told Voice that:

Local political watchdog Shirley Grindle said Tuesday that she regrets filing a complaint against Fourth District Supervisor candidate Shawn Nelson regarding his failure to file his list of financial holdings on time.

“I wish I had called Nelson directly,” Grindle said. “I usually give people a chance to correct these things — I believe this is just and oversight.”

From my point of view, if it warranted a warning letter, Shirley did the right thing.