Should Sean Mill Fear for Art Pedroza’s Children?

Our friend Sean Mill really hates Matt Cunningham.  Perched from his front row seat at the recent NUFF forum on Blogging, Mill was heard from the dias “Shut Up Matt, Shut Up Matt” as Cunningham corrected some misinformation from OJ blogger Art Pedroza about Art’s “Meg County” envy.  To wit, Sean has a post on OJ citing a SNAP (Survivors of those Abused by Priests) activist Joelle Casteix comment that she fears for Cunningham’s children due to Matt’s support of Msgr. Urell and the website where the names of abuse victims were outed (as Jerbil Gerbal reminds so many blogs of his act daily).

Clearly, the outing of sexual abuse victims identities was reprehensible.  But it was also accidential, and once alerted to the relevation, Cunningham took steps to remove the unredacted copy of the lawsuit immediately.  He has also apologized repeatedly for the incident.  At the NUFF event, Mill’s buddy Tony Bushala made a statement that FFFF “doesn’t censor comments,” which I know isn’t true because friends of mine have had comments deleted that state “Art Pedroza promoted pedastry and gay porn on web sites he owned.”  No less true than the comment oft repeated by Jerbal Gerbil about Cunningham.  The difference is Tony and Art are friends and Tony can’t stand Matt so the factually accurate comments about Art get deleted and the factually accurate comments about Matt stay up.  So much for claims of censorship or complete honesty on FFFF for that matter.

Casteix is certainly doing the right thing in speaking her mind.  But I’m sure she doesn’t know about the action of Mill’s editor Art Pedroza who acquired web sites related to this blog and our friends, demanded $1,000 to $2,000 each for the domains he acquired while demanding another web property we own for free, and when we refused routed those domains to NAMBLA — the North American Man-Boy Love Association that advocates sex between men and adolescent boys, as well as to Gay Porn sites and his own blog.  Pedroza alledgedly did this from a PC is his family home.  Shouldn’t Mill be concerned with the welfare of Pedroza’s young children? And what would Casteix think about Pedroza actions and redirects to NAMBLA?

Art often writes in comments about Cunningham’s actions using phrases like “nothing I ever do would be as bad as that.”  Wrong.  What Matt did wasn’t intentional.  Careless yes, but not intentional. 

Pedroza was told my business name, which he routed to NAMBLA, was named for MY children, both under 18 at the time and Pedroza willfully and intentionally redirected the site to NAMBLA and left it up for more than 72 hours after being told MY children’s names were being dragged through the mud.  It wasn’t until we outed Pedroza’s actions that he redirected this to a site about bad PR and later to a medical site depicted agitated hemmorhoids (which Pedroza told my lawyer was for “educational purposes”; was the NAMBLA nad gay porn redirects educational too? And if so, for whom?). 

So for my friend Sean, this post is not making excuses for Cunningham’s actions.  But look instead to your friend Art and ask yourself if what he did was just as bad if not worse than anything Matt did.  Perhaps the children you need to fear for are Art’s.  


  1. Dan,

    Reread my post. It is Joelle Casteix that said she fears for the Cunningham children, not me.

    As far as you contention that Cunningham “apologized repeatedly for the incident” please show me where this has happened. His official statement was, “There was no intention to harm anyone. It simply didn’t occur to redact the names.”

    That’s some apology from your pal.

    No other entity even had access to the unredacted depos let alone publish them. Your pal got them from someone close to the diocese and published them to scare and intimidate victims.

    • Oh I read it perfectly. She clearly doesn’t know you write for a blog who’s editor promotes pederasty and gay porn. I invite her to call on me so I can fill her in on details.

      Nice of you guys to place Matt’s home address in the comments. Your selective outrage is noted.

      • “Nice of you guys to place Matt’s home address in the comments.”

        There was no intention to harm anyone. It simply didn’t occur to redact the address.

        • “There was no intention to harm anyone. It simply didn’t occur to redact the address.”

          It’s always easy to tell when you are lying, Sean: it’s when your lips are moving, or your fingers are tapping on the keyboard.

          You really are unbelievable dragging my daughters into your vendetta (no one forced you to turn Casteix’s thoughtless, idiotic comment into a headline). About what I would expect from an bullying, puffed-up all-around loser like you.

    • “…published them to scare and intimidate victims.”

      You know, Sean, if you lie to yourself often enough, you can convince yourself of anything. You certainly seem well-practiced in that technique.

      Your claim is complete and total crap. There isn’t even a molecule of truth to it. No matter how often you or Gustavo Arellano or anyone else makes that claim, it is no less of a lie.

  2. There was a guy a few years ago who went into his wifes workplace with a loaded 10mm sig sauer handgun, it was loaded with hollow point bullets.

    After emptying the clip in her head and chest he claimed it was “Accidental” that is more believable than your description of events.

    I am disgusted that you would defend what the guy did. NO MATTER WHAT SEAN MILL OR ART PEDROZA write, I would have expected you to rise above it. DISGUSTING.

    • Oh yes, the brave “kenlaysnotdead,” who supposedly goes to my parish but likes to throw stones from the safety of his anonymity.

      That you choose to believe the version of events advanced by two inveterate liars like Mill and Pedroza robs you of credibility — not that you had any to begin with.

      • Matt, I am not a blogger, Like you were when you willfully hid your identity. I have every right to comment WHEREEVER I want, provided I respect the terms of the site.

        I don’t choose to believe anything but what I know:
        1) You recieved an “EXCLUSIVE” copy of the depo and published it.

        2) While a perhaps a good friend to Fr. Urell, whom I knew long ago from my MD days in the 1980’s you NEVER publically questioned why he repeatedly bashed the kids and the parents that reported abuse. Purportedly the right thing to do.

        3) Lastly, your actions are indefensible, I could give a S57t about your’s and Dan’s squable with the other blogs, I think, make that I K-N-O-W what you did whas malicious, deliberate and back to the top cowardly.


  3. Ken —
    I am not defending Matt; merely pointing out the double standard employed by Sean. And these were my children whom I named my business for that Art decided linking them to NAMBLA would be funny. If someone should fear for Matt’s kids for what he did, then someone ought to fear for Art’s. It’s that simple.

    • Dan,

      Coming to the defense of someone who enabled the rape and molestation of scores of local children and then victimizing the innocent victims again is comparable to redirecting a URL?

      I know you are a good dad and you also coach children, would you feel comfortable having vermin like Urell and those that he enabled around your children or the players that you coach?

      • Matt didn’t enable the rape and molestation of scores of local children Sean. He put up a website to support someone he’s known for years. John Hanna also supported Msgr. Urell.

        I no longer attend Catholic Church largely due to the handling of this scandal and I don’t think the “Covenent with the Faithful” is worth the paper it’s written on. I spent considerable time in coaching clinics being trained to avoid any action that could be construed as “sexual abuse.”

        I have yet to hear you condemn Art for redirecting a domain asscoiated with my business to an organization that advocates the legalized sex between men and young boys. I keep hearing those close to Art refer to this as a joke. If you think it’s funny, it’s not. It’s sick. And just as bad as anything Matt did. Or are you OK with Art promoting NAMBLA on websites he used to own?

        • Dan,

          I must disagree, he certainly did enable those responsible for this.

          He ran propaganda for Urell, Brown, Smith and the long list of abusers who those three covered for.

          This is like saying Rumsfeld did’nt have a hand in invading Iraq. Matt wanted so bad to be part of that Cabal, just like Hanna he sold out whatever Christ like teaching he had learned for a seat at the table. He denies it, but someday, when kids get older and he matures he’ll look back and think “how stupid was I”? or maybe not.

          • Ken, you’re veering again into fantasyland. It’s almost humorous being lectured by an anon coward who is now just making things up. It’s ridiculous to have you talking about “Christ-like teaching” when you’ve yet to exhibit any Christ-like in your behavior.

            I’d say “Physician, heal thyself” but “Pharisee, heal thyself” would be more accurate.

      • Sean, don’t they care at your job that you waste their time with your weird, obsessive online vendettas.

        Really: get a life. Take an anger management class. Get your own place. Stop trying to fill whatever hole in your life there is with all this bile and hate…oh excuse me, “standing up to bullies.”

  4. Dan:

    This is just an attempt by Pedroza and Mill — convinced they actually wield influence via their joke of a blog — to “punish” me for not “leaving their friends alone.”

    Per Art’s comment on Mill’s twisted post:

    “I think this issue will haunt Jerbal for life. Perhaps he will learn to stop going after our friends on a regular basis…”

    We’re all familiar with these two twerps M.O. by now. And I’m sure Mill’s own personal feelings of inadequacy factor in.

  5. “Bingo” Matt – I would say that SM being forced to resign from his position on the Santa Ana Planning Commission would add to his feelings of inadequacy.

    Does anyone REALLY believe that a puffed up self-important buffoon such as Mill would voluntarily step down from his pedestal?


  6. Blah, blah, blah.

    Ken, you comment about how you see me at Mass, like you’re some kind of stalker. if you actually had the nerve to approach me in person and say what you have o say to my face, I might have a modicum of respect for you. Maybe.

    But you don’t.

    \I’m not a blogger.\ Oh, like that’s an excuse.

    I never said you didn’t have the right to personally attack people from behind a phony name. However, when I blogged under a pseudonym, I didn’t abuse it like anon jerks like you and the clowns at 4F (with their absurd claims to fear \government retaliation\).

    I doubt you or any one else who ritually condemns could even tell you the point I was arguing regarding Manley’s legal games, or what the purpose of Friends of Msgr. Urell was. You and mendacious idiots like Sean Mill just fill in the mental blanks with what you want to believe.

    And then there’s this gem from you, Ken:

    \I think, make that I K-N-O-W what you did whas malicious,deliberate and back to the top cowardly.\

    That is absolutely untrue, Ken. And I think I’m in a much better position than you to know why I did or did not do something.

      • Ken: Leave poor Matt alone. Everyone knows that it was the diocese who gave him that unredacted memo—most likely its lawyers. See, if he went down to the courthouse like us real reporters did to get that deposition, he’d find that it was redacted. But, no! Matt was so blinded by trying to defend that beast Urell that he blindly posted whatever Brownie and his minions gave him. No other way he got it, plain and simple.

        Whatever–let Matt whine. The only people who ever seem to tell people to leave poor Matt alone are the guys here at the Liberal OC—and how whacked out is THAT?

        • you’re having reading comprehension problems Gustavo; the point of the post was to point out Art’s behavior for redirects to an organization that openly promotes sex with kids. You might think what he did was a joke. I’m not laughing.

        • I’ll also point out, when you become a father, you’ll understand why “Art’s joke” as you’ve called it is as repugnant as the pedo-priest sex scandal. Look me up once someone goes after your kids.

        • Hey – Gustavo is here! If Pedroza comments, as well, we’ll have the two most over-inflated egos in the OC blogosphere present and accounted for.

          Believe whatever fairy tale a “real reporter” like you needs to tell yourself, Gustavo. If it fits your preferred narrative, who’s to stop you?

      • That’s funny coming from a guy who masqueraded around the blogosphere as “Jubal” in an attempt to hide his identity.

        Then you would praise “Jubal” when posting as Matt Cunningham and vice-versa. LOL!!!

        Now that we are finding about all the tax dollars you’ve gotten your filthy paws on it’s understandable why you wanted to blog anonymously.

        It is funny to see you criticizing someone for doing what you did yourself though,

        • Priceless commentary coming from one of my bloggers who spends most of his day posting under various anonymous names such as fruity pebbles so as to be bash those we disagree with. Remember to play nice Sean or all those racist, homophobic, misogynistic rants on voice mails and emails and anonymous post might come out and damage the credibility of Santa Ana’s #1 NAMBLA promoting blog.

  7. Posted on the OJ blog – Sept. 24, 2009 at 9:20 pm
    Mike Tardif’s daughter Says:
    I love reading the dirty words my daddy uses on local blog threads. I always Come to his defense when he summons me to do so! Our relationship is so “special”!

    9/24/09 10:14 pm – my text to AP:
    There is a HIGHLY offensive comment about my daughter on your blog.
    Please take it down ASAP.

    Art did take it down after much hounding, and his response to this was: “Oh calm down. … you were asking for trouble.”

    Apparently the children of the political opposition are, if not fair game, of little concern to the man.

  8. Matt,

    To be clear:

    “I never Lie” and “I Never Gamble”

    Those are two principles (two of the few I hold dear) which I live by.

    So call me an asshole, a loudmouth, a drunk, a fool. But don’t call me a liar, because I ALWAYS speak the truth, and I never bet.

  9. and yet you hide behind a pseudonym. At the very least, Sean Mill, Art Pedroza and Gustavo all use their real names when criticizing people. You don’t.

  10. Yeah, but I am a contributor, not a blogger, BIG DIFFERENCE. I am not in their (or your’s or Matt’s) leauge, I am merely a spectator, like a fan at a baseball game who gets to yell. I don’t get paid, I don’t have any vested interest in any of this.

    Yet I am not surprised that Matt’s hypocrisy with the new revalations that he is taking cash from PROP 10!

    That leads me to ask: Did Matt get compensated (By ANYONE) for his work on behalf of Urell?

    • Even unruly spectators can get bounced. I don’t understand why you’re so afraid to attach your name to your criticism unless you have something to hide/lose. Your call of course, but like *any* anonymous blogger or commenter, I really don’t take your comments seriously no matter how valid your point.

  11. Don’t forget that I promoted sex between grown men and young boys on websites that I owned, and neither Sean Mill or his mentor, Fullerton school teacher Salvador Tinajero asked me to stop. Maybe the children we need to fear for are Mr T’s students.

  12. I have a lot to lose Dan, Thats the point.

    And for a subject that you don’t pay much attention to you sure reply to my comments.

    I like what you do, but remain dissapointed in the softball approach.

    And the whole BLOG thing was born of anominity.

  13. I may reply, but your words carry little weight. Sorry you feel you have so much to lose. How unfortunate for you

  14. Hey Dan, I just wrote a long post until I saw this:

    “Your call of course, but like *any* anonymous blogger or commenter, I really don’t take your comments seriously no matter how valid your point.”

    What the heck Dan, a blog that expects posters to use their real names. Geeze!!

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