Dog Abuse in Santa Ana

Scott Moxley of the OC Weekly recorded this shocking footage of someone in Santa Ana abusing a little dog.


Scott called Animal Control but let’s just say they weren’t helpful.  The link takes you to more details at the Navel Gazing blog.


  1. I was not able to view the video, but I would like to follow up on this. I’m happy to take it to Council, Chief Walters and anyone else who can do something about it. Please let me know what has been done so far, and if there is another way to view the video.

  2. Dan,

    Who provides services for animal control services to Santa Ana? If it is OC Animal Care (County), contact should be made to Jennifer Phillips, Director. This service has recently been re-organized under OC Community Services, and an official response to this report/tape should be addressed.

    Poor service from this department is causing Cities to look at outsourcing these services to other agencies.

  3. The City of Santa Ana provides animal control services in Santa Ana, not the County. The Grand Jury favorably commented upon the services provided by the County in their most recent report.

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