CA-46: The Debbie Cook Campaign on Catalina


I had a very interesting day last Sunday doing something I’ve never done before. I went along with the Debbie Cook for Congress campaign in canvassing on Catalina! No really, it happened!

Want details? Follow me after the flip for more…


At 8:30 AM on Sunday morning, I left with the candidate and a couple of volunteers on a boat from Long Beach to Avalon. I didn’t quite know what was about to happen, and neither did the volunteers. So we all engaged in some small talk on the boat as we sailed along the sea.
Shortly after arriving in Avalon, we all walked over to our meeting place at a local breakfast dive. The house was quite full as the locals were eagerly awaiting the candidate’s arrival. Since most political campaigns (such as Dana Rohrabacher’s) don’t really do much on Catalina, this was a HUGE event for the locals. Debbie Cook rocked the house when she took questions from the audience before giving a brief explanation on how the 46th District will get real change for the better by electing her this November.

Shortly before 11:00 AM, another volunteer and I embarked on our precinct walk. We found some voters at home who didn’t know who Debbie Cook was… Or even who Rohrabacher was! (Remember, this is Catalina.) But for the most part, we found the local voters quite supportive.

We found Democrats who were very enthusiastic to learn about Debbie Cook and do whatever they can to support her… One even took fliers from us to give to her friends living uphill! We found Independents & third-party folks who lit up when we told them about Debbie Cook’s history of fighting to preserve Orange County’s coastal environment. We even found some Republicans who were ready to elect Debbie Cook! All in all, I was amazed by the positive reception I received.

Just after 2:00 PM, I had to return to the mainland. After walking uphill & downhill for a couple hours, I was glad to give my feet an hour-long break on the boat. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the first half of the campaign’s day on the island went.

Apparently after I had left, our wonderful Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Fabulous) had arrived on the island to continue the fun & festivities of campaigning on Catalina. As soon as I get any report of how that went, I’ll share with all of you here. But in the mean time, please enjoy these photos from my day with the Debbie Cook campaign in Avalon. 🙂