Stop the Drilling, Save the Coast!

Hey, everyone! Check out this important message from Environment California. Let’s save our coast! 🙂

Hi Reader,

President Bush announced on Monday that he is lifting the executive order that bans oil and gas drilling on the outer continental shelf — but it’s not too late to protect our coasts.

Take action. Call on Congress to block any attempts to authorize oil and gas drilling off the California coast. 

Bush is lifting the ban on offshore drilling — put in place by the first President Bush in 1992. It’s a setback, but it isn’t the end of the story.

In order for there to be any drilling off the coast of California, Congress would need to also adopt legislation that would authorize the Mineral Management Service to sell and allow activity on the leases off our coast. Of course, the oil and gas companies are lobbying hard right now to try and get Congress to adopt this absurd plan.

Environment California has been working with the governor’s office and members of Congress to make sure there is a steady drum beat of opposition against oil drilling off our coast. We have also been working with the media to educate the public on this issue.

You can take action now by sending an e-mail to your member of Congress, telling them to say “No” to drilling.

Thanks for standing up for California’s environment.


Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director

P.S.  Thanks again for your support.  Please feel free to share this e-mail with your family and friends. For more information about our campaign visit our web site at     


  1. Yes, lets use a quick fix that is not quick at all to make permanent damage that can’t be undone. Sure, that makes perfect sense.

  2. Elli-

    Good point. There’s NO evidence whatsoever that offshore drilling will solve our energy crisis. So why should we destroy our coastal ecosystem forever to go after a little bit of oil that won’t do anything near-term OR long-term to solve this crisis?

  3. Has current offshore drilling destroyed our coastal eco systems? And how much has the technology evolved since the last time there was a platform put up.

    No, it’s not a “Quick fix” there is no quick fix to a problem that was created over many decades. Yep, both republicans and democrats dropped the ball on energy, period. But it’s better then staying slaves to OPEC(as a nation) and praying some genious can figure out a viable hydrogen powered car before we go into a real recession..

  4. No need to drill for oil if you just say no to the automobile. Stop driving and ride a bike, a bus, a train, or use your own two feet.

    Did you know that each of those off shore rigs in the picture are more than one drill hole. I think there is a dozen separate wells for each platform. The oil offshore of HTB and LB has been drilled already.

    Who owns the oil and would get the hundreds of millions of dollars in royalty payments?

  5. I think the best idea is…Let’s drill offshore…a hundred yards in front of the Million + dollar homes in South Orange County…Lets line the horizon with oil derricks and remind those republican assholes about what they are supporting…Maybe when their kids get out of the water covered in tar and crude oil they will realize the problems associated with offshore drilling…but in the mean time by all means lets drill as close to shore and right in front the the mansions that line the Laguna coastline, Malibu, and all the other ritzy republican beach fronts! Let’s see how a depreciated house out weighs protecting our beaches!

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