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All Hail The Emperor Chicken Little

As expected, political retaliation rules the day at the Board of Supervisors in Orange County.

The Emperor Chicken Little Moorlach got his way and began the retaliation against Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) board members who voted to defend the Retirement Fund, as required by law, against the law suit Moorlach has pushed in his insane effort to destroy the county employee pension fund. As I have stated previously, this is a bull-crap move to implement his threat to replace the appointed board members for not simply ignoring their fiduciary responsibilities and yieding to his will.

Peggy Lowe at Total Buzz has additional information in her report HERE, including the letter from Mr. Lightvoet that Emperor Chicken Little chose to not let him finish reading.

The other interesting fact from the appointment of Patti Gorczyca to the Retirement Board is that approval of her appointment was assured since she is a former staffer to members Bates and Campbell. Supervisor Norby was absent today, and the vote to appoint was approved 4-0.

Supervisor Nguyen did ask that her office be actively involved in any further appointments to make sure that such appointments are based upon qualifications and not poitics. That would be a good thing since the Emperor Chicken Little Moorlach did threaten the removal of members for political reasons.

When his lawsuit against the Retirement System is thrown out of court because the County is suing the Board for something it has no control of, I hope someone sues the Board of Supervisors (and Moorlach individually) for retaliation in violation of state law governing pension boards.

Until then… All hail the Emperor Chicken Little Moorlach.