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ICYMI: Third Supervisor’s Election Debate at OC Forum

photo courtesy OC Register


I’m still amazed by how many people don’t know there’s a special election for Third District County Board of Supervisors.  In Irvine, there’s a smattering of signs for Irvine Mayor Don Wagner and former Anaheim council member Kris Murray, but nothing for Loretta Sanchez, Deborah Pauly or Katherine Daigle.

But go over to this YouTube link and catch the debate held at OC Forum to get a better idea of where the candidates stand on the issues.

Meanwhile, the OC GOP establishment — who didn’t learn a thing from their 2018 debacle — is rallying around Wagner and cutting deals with other Republicans who considered running to keep them out of the race.  Wagner just appointed former IUSD and Irvine City Council candidate Mark Newgent to some city commission dealing with finances and investments to garner his support.  Newgent was the subject of campaign mail documenting bankruptcies in Hawaii showing Voters that Wagner cares more about protecting potential votes than he does appointing well qualified people to city commissions.

And let’s not forget Wagner’s adoration of President Trump.