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Umberg calls for Bi-Partisan Remedy to HB Lawsuit by State on Housing

SACRAMENTO, CA  — Today, State Senator Tom Umberg (D – Santa Ana) released the following statement regarding recent litigation pursued between the State of California and City of Huntington Beach.

“Today I joined my colleagues — Senator John Moorlach, and Assemblymembers Tyler Diep, and Cottie Petrie-Norris in sending a letter (see attachment) to Mayor Peterson of Huntington Beach and Governor Newsom urging a timely resolution to recent lawsuits filed over state housing mandates.”

“It was important for me to reach out my fellow legislators who represent Huntington Beach to release this joint letter. Although we are not all from the same party, we are united in working in a bipartisan manner to resolve this issue.”

“California’s housing shortage is real and is on track to reach crisis levels if we do not take immediate action. According to the Department of Housing and Community Development at least 180,000 new dwellings per year will need to be built to keep up with the demand.”

“We must respect local communities and keep in mind local concerns when addressing these issues, but at the end of the day all communities must contribute to the solution.”

“To that end, my fellow Huntington Beach legislators and I are urging both parties to seek the services of a third party mediator to resolve this current disagreement. Together, we stand ready to assist the process and resolution in any way to solve this problem for our constituents and the taxpayers of California.”