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Ed Pope grateful to No on B Voters in Irvine

From Ed Pope:

Multi-billion-dollar developer FivePoint counted on more than a million dollars in deceptive ads in their attempt to con Irvine voters into approving their horrible ballot measure.

What FivePoint didn’t count on was YOU!  Your NO on B vote was more powerful than their money.  And that made all the difference!

Although there are still outstanding ballots to be counted, more than 63% of Irvine voted NO on B!

Last night’s victory would not be possible without the hundreds of Irvine residents who proudly planted NO on B signs in their front yards and the generous donors who helped us purchase those lawn signs.

We also greatly appreciate the financial support our campaign received from Irvine Community News & Views.  Because of their help, voters learned the truth about massive development being the driving force behind Measure B.

Thank you again for your support…this victory is yours!



  1. K. Cal Hibrawi K. Cal Hibrawi June 9, 2018

    Thank you Ed Pope for a great job that was well done. You were the best man to lead the efforts to defeat the BAD “B”.

  2. Roger E. Bütow Roger E. Bütow June 10, 2018

    Personally, I still find it disturbing some 15 years later that Irvine voters and political structure wound up being in charge of promised, grossly exaggerated regional facilities.
    Everything from the proposed Great, now Not-So-Great Park (meh), to the cemetery where I might wind up for eternity as a USMC veteran, in fact discharged from MCAS El Toro myself: Once we, the voters of OC got snookered by Irvine, handed them a cash cow and dictatorial rights as to the land’s future, we’ve only been allowed spectator status.
    Money went missing in the 10s of millions, yet no criminal investigation by our DA or the State DOJ? How is all of that conspiratorial smoke possible without a RICO fire?
    Think of it: Parochial, selfish interests were given sole control, the writing on the wall when the 5 City Council members “reorganized” the non-profit Board. They cut the 4 at large Board members, leaving only themselves to make decisions, cut up the $$$ pie.
    There was only Plan (A)gran, no Plan B, so once redevelopment income was omitted, the CERCLA site morphed into the political soccer ball that it is today.
    We, the non-Irvine OC residents and families lost because we were scammed: There should have been outrage, and a State criminal investigation when Irvine tore up the old non-profit paperwork, reduced the Board to 5. That was a poker tell, reflecting and rubbing in Irvine’s arrogance.
    For those who allege that the fiasco, this 15 year train wreck was partisan miss the entire point: Both parties rubbed our noses into the ill-fated decision that led to this post-Super Fund meltdown, the failures due to an almost xenophobic hunkering down.
    As I often cite, we were promised a Rolls-Royce, but what we got was a Gremlin, a Pinto, a piece of junk jewelry. And 5 Points skimmed the cream, got the real gems, the big bucks, while Irvine’s chosen ones (politicians and vendors) lapped from the common trough.
    Shame is in short supply in Irvine, so is remorse and contrition, simple Christian and American core values. Hypocrites without a conscience, it’s Irvine First, the OC and greater world Second.
    And Irvine’s Council and staff act like we should be grateful at being kicked around like a ball in this cemetery feud: As a typical Marine Corps boot in the 60s was told to do, when performing physical training, once beyond your body’s limit, your DI kicking you to keep going, you turned to him and said: “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

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