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OC slides backwards into Conservative La-La Land; Trump tweets support for GOP BoS

Shawn takes time to thank Senator Mimi Walters for her support

The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to join the federal government’s suit to overturn SB54 on Sanctuary State status showing that conservatives in Orange County haven’t learned a thing.

From the Voice of OC story:

Supervisors also took a separate stand against one of those laws, created by state Senate Bill 54, which bans law enforcement from sharing immigration status information with federal authorities. The supervisors adopted a resolution on a 4-0 vote condemning the state law after hearing from people on both sides of the issue. Supervisor Andrew Do was out of town.

“To cooperate is not coercion. It’s not picking up their responsibilities, right? You can all help me by just cooperating. Tell me if it’s something I need to know, even if its my job. You may intellectually be incapable of understanding that, but it is factually true,” Supervisor Shawn Nelson told the crowd during Tuesday’s board meeting, drawing boos and groans from the audience.

Nelson reminded everyone resolutions are mostly about making a statement.

“Remember that resolutions are largely just that: They are symbolic.”

But Supervisor Todd Spitzer said the Sheriff’s Department started to post the names of all people in jail and their release dates on its website in a move to circumvent the state law.

“The Sheriff’s Department announced yesterday … the Sheriff’s Department is going to start putting every single in custody on the website,” he said. “That way any agency who may be looking for somebody in another custodial facility is going to be able to find the release date and it won’t take any transfer of information that’s prohibited, at least heretofore, under SB … 54.”

Spitzer, a former prosecutor who now is running for District Attorney, said it’s too dangerous to law enforcement to let people out of jail while another law agency is looking to arrest them.

“To let somebody out, to get access to weapons, access to their homeboys or homegirls, access to whatever,” Spitzer said, immediately drawing boos from some people. “Whatever, you can boo me all you want, you haven’t worked the streets like I have.”

The notion of Todd Spitzer “working the streets” should make you bust out laughing.  The only time he works the streets is when a TV camera is nearby.

The BoS vote caught the attention of the Tangerine figure occupying the oval office.  Donald Trump wrote this supporting tweet:

My Administration stands in solidarity with the brave citizens in Orange County defending their rights against California’s illegal and unconstitutional Sanctuary policies. California’s Sanctuary laws….

Trump was savaged by OC Twitter users telling him to screw off.\
Just when you thought that Orange County was trending blue, the BoS takes a hard right turn on an issue that will come to bite Shawn Nelson and Todd Spitzer in the ass come the June primary.