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Correa will honor Local Vietnam War Vets on Thursday

Vietnam War Memorial – Westminster, CA

Anaheim, CA – On Thursday, March 29th, Congressman Lou Correa will be hosting a “Welcome Home” event honoring Vietnam Veterans living in Anaheim, Garden Grove, Orange, and Santa Ana. The event will be held on the first annual “National Vietnam War Veterans Day.”

Veterans will be presented with a lapel pin and thanked for their service 50 years ago. This event is part of a national effort to recognize the sacrifices veterans made during the Vietnam War.

More information on the ceremony and the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration can be found here.

Who: Congressman Lou Correa
What: Event: 50th Anniversary of Vietnam War Pin Ceremony Honoring Vietnam Veterans
When: Thursday, March 29th, 2018 – 4 PM to 6 PM
Where: Savanna High School–Auditorium | 301 N Gilbert St | Anaheim, CA 92801

This event is open to the press. Members of the media are strongly encouraged to attend.


  1. LARRY BALES LARRY BALES March 29, 2018

    Dear City Council, of Los Alamitos,
    Subj: Sanctuary City
    I support your decision to challenge California’s Sanctuary City Law. I support your decision as being heroiac and protective of our Constitution. I support Legal, controlled, Immighration.
    I look upon the Sanctuary law (SB-54) to be comparable to when the Southern States succeeded from the nation United States, the move resulted in the Civil War. Any law, even a partial one like (SB-54), that illegally separates and removes itself form the United States Government, is Unconstitutional.
    The Sanctuary Law (SB-54) is illegal, unconstitutional, and detrimental to the Citizens of the United states. In fact, it undermines the citizens of the United States.
    I, nor any veteran, did not serve in the United States Armed Forces, to come home, and to preserve, illegal immigration. We served to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Why would anyone serve in the military to support rampant illegal immigration?
    I support the United States Constitution, and legal immigration. We are a county of Legal Immigrants.
    Thank you for a job well done.

    Larry Bales, Viet Nam Veteran

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 29, 2018

      seceded, not succeeded. The south didn’t succeed either

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