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Correa Votes No on Omnibus Funding Bill

Sen. Lou Correa (Photo: Lou Delgado)

Washington DC – Congressman Lou Correa released the following statement regarding the Omnibus bill:

“As a Member of Congress, I came to Washington to represent my constituents and ensure everyone has a shot at the middle class. Unfortunately, this budget does not move us closer to that goal.

This budget does not enact bipartisan measures to stabilize our health care system or fix our broken pension system.

This budget will explode our deficit and leave our children to pay the bill without anything to show for it.

This budget spends billions on an unnecessary border wall rather than investing in our crumbling infrastructure.

And this budget again fails to protect DREAMers despite more than 80 percent of Americans supporting them. The President has repeatedly promised a DREAMer fix in exchange for Border Wall funding, yet once again, DREAMers got nothing, while the President got his wall. DREAMers continue to be used as political pawns.

If we are going to spend money that we do not have, we should be investing in projects and programs that help all Americans achieve the American dream. This budget does not do that. And that is why I voted No.”


  1. Junior Junior March 24, 2018

    Correa says that “Trump got his wall” – he did not get his wall. Keep it real Lou.

  2. Jim Rockford Jim Rockford March 28, 2018

    Look Around

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