Rouda’s endorsements create ALL sorts of problems for CDP/DPOC

Harley Rouda
Harley Rouda

CD-48 candidate Harley Rouda’s coup of endorsements of Congressional represenatives from Orange County creates a huge problem for the California Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Orange County.  Dr. Hans Keirstead is the endorsed CDP candidate in CD-48 and the formal endorsements from Lou Correa, Alan Lowenthal, and Linda Sanchez are in apparent violation of state party and local party rules.

So what does Fran Sdao and Eric Bauman doe about this?

From the CDP website on rules for endorsement:

Penalty for Independent, Unauthorized Endorsement – Any CDP official unit or any Democratic County Central Committee that renders an unauthorized endorsement for partisan public office (or nonpartisan candidates whose endorsements become CDP endorsements) shall forfeit its right to representation to the CDP for 12 months from the time of the endorsement being issued or the remainder of the current Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) term, whichever is longer. (CDP By-Laws, Art. VIII. Sec. 1.e.)

So it would appear that Correa, Sanchez and Lowenthal are barred from further endorsement of any other CDP endorsed candidate for up to a year from March 14.

This is a particularly difficult endorsement process for County Vice Chairs Jeff Letourneau and Diana Carey to endorse.  Carey was Lowenthal’s alternate which she parlayed into a formal CD-72 spot on the central committee. Letourneau was married by Lowenthal a few years ago.

DPOC chair Fran Sdao has no choice but to bar votes from these three Congressional reps for pending DPOC endorsement meetings as well as their alternates.  Rules are rules after all.


  1. I like Fran. I stand by Fran usually. But, it is becoming increasingly apparent that she is in WAY OVER HER HEAD.

    She just today “tripled down” on who is the WORST face of the DPOC, alleged wife beater, rapist and credentialed criminal Victor Valladares. I received the same photos, police reports, documents that she did.

    The mere fact that she would reply to him on social media speaks volumes about her character.

    As for endorsements, I am beginning to think that she is like Melissa Fox, available to the highest bidder.

    One last note to “Crazy Greg” and his sidekick “Drunk Vern” : Teachable . Yep. Teachable.

  2. Agreed regarding Fran. There are a lot of personalities on the OC Central Committee. Takes a better leader to understand that.

    Also, Fran doesn’t apply the same standard to all officers in the Dem Party. She just blackmailed an officer into resigning for nothing other than personality differences.

    My fear is the Jeff LeTourneus out there are running the show at DPOC..

    • Florice, We would appreciate your feedback on Vern Nelson’s “rock opera” leak:

      This masterpiece is absolutely demonstrative of Vern’s brilliance, songwriting skills and all around hero of the people. What a man of character, who at AGE 50+ is singing like a drunk stoned teenager in a rundown apartment.

      Hey at least Perry looked good!

    • Who is talking about removing members? It’s about denying them a vote in accordance of the rule I posted.

  3. Watch for “Crazy Greg” and others start to tout what EVERYONE, who is the least bit tech savy knew:

    TRUMP EXPLOITED FACEBOOK and SOCIAL MEDIA in his path to victory.

    “Crazy Greg” discounted this, some pol’s (like Jose Solorio, locally) have grabbed on to this. But, largely Facebook is a tool to reach otherwise uninformed voters.

    TRUMPING DEMOCRACY was only the beginning.

    How else could an unemployed, deadbeat dad pass himself off as a “community Activist”?

    Here’s how: Feed him some money, pay his T-Mobile Bill, prop him up and there you go. MEANWHILE, data crunchers……

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