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Be Empowered at the Women’s March

Women all over the country will be marching today.  In Orange County, it’s Santa Ana.  Don’t expect to find easy parking and get there early

Whether you’re marching for #metoo, Trump’s anti-Immigration policies, the government shutdown, the gutting of healthcare and the social services safety net, chances are you’re going to run into candidates running for office and elected officials.  Union officials will be marching too.

It’s been nearly three months since OC Labor Fed chief Julio Perez was put on paid administrative leave for allegedly harassing some women as part of his job.  Ask these candidates and elected officials why they continue to be silent over this investigation.

Only Garden Grove council member Kim Nguyen has shown leadership in this issue, calling for a Perez to resign or be fired.   Ask candidates and elected officials why they remain silent in this.



  1. David Vasquez David Vasquez January 20, 2018

    I find it incredibly hypocritical, the lack of comment, discussion that exists surround the normally vocal dems, like Greg Diamond, Jeff Letournue, Ada Bricieno, Mirvette Judah, the Pantone’s etc……

    It doesn’t matter these people are mostly socipaths witr no real influence out side their own minds.

  2. OCDEM OCDEM January 20, 2018

    Among the most hypocritical posers today was Dr. Jose Moreno, who along with the Anaheim Bros. conscripts.

    Not only has Jose shown open support for Julio Perez, he serves on Victor Valladares Chicano Latino cabal. The same man who has been accused of DRUGGING AND RAPING as well as BEATING his ex wife.

    Come on Jose, who is the COWARD NOW?
    Parading children at the march while quietly supporting these two losers!

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident January 22, 2018

      The cesspool is overflowing. Quick pump in more sewage!

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | January 22, 2018

        and you are certainly full of it

        • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident January 23, 2018

          I wonder what that Super Bowl party will look like with you, OC DEM and David Vasquez and your other stalker. I sure wouldn’t try the dip.


          • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | January 23, 2018

            I have plans thanks. It’s creepy that you think about my weekend plans

      • OCDEM OCDEM January 22, 2018

        David err Tony. You should be good. Your colleagues at the OJB are supporting the uber conservative, homophobe Cynthia Ward for Anaheim mayor. Luckily that doesn’t extend into YOUR created cespoool: DTF.

        Zenger, let us be clear: Julio Perez accosted young women. Victor Valladares has been accused of drugging and RAPING his ex wife, Erik Taylor sent depictions of Jesus Christ sodomizing a teen girl.

        How is calling that out wrong? What is the matter with bringing this malfeasense to the surface?

        See you at TRADER JOE’S “Shakey”. Returning half consumed foods and then returning is what Greg Diamond would do. Not an artist of your stature.


        • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident January 23, 2018

          Ugh. Burp.

  3. Wuzzy Spaulding Wuzzy Spaulding January 22, 2018

    Here we have another example of someone in a leadership position who, in addition to (allegedly) being unable to behave properly around women, also doesn’t know basic grammar.

    So, to clarify. Grammar. It’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

  4. Totally Correct Totally Correct January 23, 2018

    Crazy Greg and Drunk Vern want the DPOC to open a pot shop.

    Isn’t that what they call rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

    Also, someone should have reminded Donna that it was a Womens march, NOT a march for dead gangbangers. No wonder she got dirty looks!

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident January 23, 2018

      The toilet is backing up! Quick! Dump in more fecal matter!

  5. Fred Fred January 24, 2018

    “A lot of us (including yours truly) suspected that Ferguson was drunk – angry on his day off, living with his ancient pops, PROBABLY divorced and troubled and overdue for retirement from the LAPD, and very much overreacting to things – you can even see his dad try to talk him down in one of the videos! But it wasn’t even worth asking at the presser if he’d been tested – the brotherly APD who showed up took him at his word and instead scooped up the innocent brown and black youths.”

    Those are the words of racist, cop-hating, sexual assaulter Vern Nelson whining that no charges were filed against those punks that attacked a cop. Who is Vern to make these kinds of accusations? The ultimate loser, probably a wife beater, a known fall-down drunk, five-time DUI, the list goes on. Vern, when do you go to jail? And will Greg be your conjugal visit?

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | January 24, 2018

      Note to Greg Diamond. I don’t comment on your blog. I won’t sully myself to do so. A friend asked if I left a comment. I did not. I was In a meeting that can be documented by several people. Your blog is shit. I won’t comment on it. You’ve been spoofed. It’s not hard to do. I’m tired of being accused of things I don’t have time to do. Just know I won’t post on your blog. I’ll guess that message posted wasn’t the only one you got pegged to me. That’s how spoofers work. You’re dumb

  6. Fred Fred January 25, 2018

    “Victor Valladares has been accused of drugging and RAPING his ex wife…” and he was also accused of taping the drugged rape and using the videotape to threaten and intimidate her at a later date. I bet that’s why Greg and Vern are such perv-groupies for Victor because they like how he rolls!

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