Rep. Correa: California Senators Should Block Justice Dept. Nominations

Senator Lou Correa and OCEA General Manager speak to the crowd, which gathered to celebrate the inauguration of Gov. Jerry Brown at a BBQ on the Capitol Lawn.
Washington, DC – Congressman Lou Correa, joined by nine of his California colleagues, sent a bipartisan letter to Senators Feinstein and Harris, calling on them to block all Department of Justice nominations until Attorney General Jeff Sessions reinstates a DOJ policy not to interfere in state-regulated cannabis programs.

Rep. Correa said, “I am deeply concerned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the Cole Memo. His decision creates uncertainty for numerous states and legal cannabis businesses.

Californians voted to make cannabis legal. AG Sessions’ decision ignores the will of Californians, hurts economic growth, and places countless law-abiding citizens in jeopardy.”

The letter:

Dear Senator Feinstein and Senator Harris:

We write to express our grave concern regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the “Cole Memo,” which has allowed states to pursue their own cannabis policy for both medical and recreation use of marijuana. The Attorney General’s decision to enforce outdated federal cannabis law will adversely impact the state of California that has in “good faith” implemented regulatory framework relying on the memo.

As you know, in November 2016, the people of California spoke up and voted in favor of Proposition 64, which legalized recreational cannabis, joining seven states in our nation in making recreational cannabis legal. Currently, those laws are being implemented. The recent action by the Attorney General put the industry in jeopardy.

The legalization of cannabis will spur economic growth and provide sales tax revenues. By 2020, the cannabis industry is estimated to reach $7 billion annually in California, with $1 billion in potential tax revenues for the state and local governments. We have joined with the voices of others in Congress urging the Attorney General to rescind his decision. To increase pressure, we are calling on you to block nominations to the Justice Department until the Attorney General reinstates the Cole Memo.

Thank you for your consideration.


J. Luis Correa
Member of Congress


View letter here


  1. The Democrats in DC should just call for Trump’s removal from office already. Quit playing small ball & give the American people what they want – disgusting Donald dumbass Trump’s fat orange fugly head on a silver platter. If the Democratic Party runs on Impeachment, they will pick up 50 House seats minimum, not to mention wiping out blue-state Republican incumbents up-and-down the ballot, including many Republican governors who will get to start their careers as corrupt greedy lobbyists early.

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