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And just like that, Lou Correa announces for Congress

State Senator Lou Correra in the VIP suite with his LiberalOC sticker (c)2009,
State Senator Lou Correra in the VIP suite with his LiberalOC sticker (c)2009,

Former state senator Lou Correa, fresh off an announcement he has joined the staff at CSU Fullerton, took minutes after Congresswoman Sanchez’s announcement to launch his bid for her long coveted seat for Congress.

From Correa’s website:

Lou Correa Announces his candidacy for U.S. Congress, 46th C.D.

Today, Lou Correa, State Senator (Ret), announced his candidacy to succeed Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for the 46th Congressional district.

“Thank you Congresswoman Sanchez for the tremendous job you’ve done in representing us in Congress for the past two decades,” Lou Correa said. 

“In response to the overwhelming encouragement of many of my friends and neighbors, many of whom I grew up with, I have decided to run for Congress,” Correa said. 

 “I am humbled and honored that so many of my friends and neighbors have asked me to run for Congress.  I accept your nomination. No one will work harder for you than me,” said Lou. 

“Accept your nomination?”  That’s putting the cart before the horse.

Correa lost a close race to Andrew Do in a special election for First District supervisor. He has money in his campaign accounts he can move to a race for Congress.  His announcement was pushed out by Republican communications consultant Arianna Barrios, perhaps to send a signal to the more conservative voters in Orange and Anaheim that he’s more a shade of purple than blue. But if he keeps the same campaign consultants together for this race for Congress that he did for the First District, especially for the GOTV efforts, he’s making a big mistake.


  1. Seth Vartisus Seth Vartisus May 14, 2015

    The reporters at the Los AngelesTime can explain why Lou lost to Do. They do so succinctly and with sufficient detail to question Correa’s skills.

    Is Lou another shill to labor and the “Latino” activists so much so that he will risk defeat?

    Asked and answered.

    Tom Daly is a much STRONGER choice.

    • junior junior May 15, 2015

      The 46th Congressional District –
      67% Hispanic
      11% Asian
      2% Black
      That leaves at the most 20% non-Hispanic white (Daly is out)

      How do you figure that a non-Hispanic is going to take that seat?

      • David Vasquez David Vasquez May 15, 2015

        Well, the similar numbers could be said about his last race in which he was beaten by a relatively no name in Andrew Do.

        But, as mentioned here in the original piece, Lou had better wake up and understand he is playing in the big leagues. I suspect that’s what Greg Diamond was alluding to when he claimed on another blog that the party suffers a lack of “fealty” (which roughly translates into a lack of faithfulness. Geez Greg…) toward Latino’s. Maybe Greg too was referring to Lou’s choosing, young, unproven, uneducated, unable to vote to staff his campaign, because they were popular and looked good in the “crease”.

        The Latino vote is not a novelty like a Cinco De Mayo party according to Diamond. Which leaves one to wonder where he/ the party stands on these issues and what Diamond, who has done to change this.

        I am unsure what side Greg Diamond I on.

  2. OC Insider OC Insider May 14, 2015


  3. Pinky Pinky May 15, 2015

    Someone tell Greg Diamond, it’s not Joe Dunn. It’s Joe Done. Hope Diamond doesn’t file hardship for the convention this weekend. It’s hard to make demands of the state party when you can’t pay your own way.

  4. Craigslist Craigslist May 18, 2015

    Greg Diamond was trying to sell his backstage all access pass to the Dem Party Convention to gather up a few bucks to keep the lights on.


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