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Irvine Great Park Changes Name to Lallowayland

Seizing on the naming rights for the Great park, the Irvine Republican Majority has renamed the Orange County Great Park “Lallowayland” in honor of Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Lalloway.  The rights were acquired for the Irvine Councilman’s salary and car allowance which he declines annually.

“When the Democrats had control of the Park, they could have named it anything they wanted,” said Lalloway.  “It could have been called ‘Agran Acres” or Krom’s Hideaway or Kangberry Fields Forever, but they lacked the vision we have to applaud everything we do. I’m honored my colleagues agreed with me in a 3-2 vote to change the name to Lallowayland. We’re already working with the Department of Energy to change the marketing for the Solar Decathlon to reflect it’s being held at Lallowayland and not the Great Park.  This is exactly like when Candlestick Park changed it’s name to 3Com Park in the early 1990s.  We’re hoping to make the name ‘Lalloway’ associated with Irvine the same way ‘Disney’ is associated with Anaheim.”

Lalloywayland will be reminiscent of the early days of Knott’s Berry Farm but without the Fried Chicken stand or rides.  Great Park officials will use the Food trucks for refreshments but collect a $10 per person “fee” for those in line for a blue crab taco to held pay for design services for a new series of Lallowayland-merchandise like T-shirts, goofy hats and autograph books that are pre-signed.  Note, it’s a fee and not a tax.

Irvine Mayor Steven Choi will address the crowd at the dedication ceremonies next month, although Irvine residents can make contributions to the Solar Decathlon in the amount of $10,000 so the Mayor doesn’t have to speak publicly.  The LiberalOC would make a contribution to this effort.


  1. thepotstirrer thepotstirrer April 1, 2013

    Making me smile in the spirit of the day… 😉

  2. Ltpar Ltpar April 1, 2013

    Nice try Dan, but every day is April Fools Day for you Agranistas.

  3. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 2, 2013

    correction Pat, April Fool’s Day is every city council meeting with the new majority; at least one of them has a sense of humor.

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