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Al Jabbar appointed to fill vacancy on Anaheim Union High School District

Al Jabbar1
Al Jabbar, Trustee Anaheim Union High School District

Last night, the Anaheim Union High School District Trustees appointed Al Jabbar to fill the vacancy on the district board created when Jordan Brandman assumed office as a member of the Anaheim City Council.

Al ran unsuccessfully last year for a seat on the Anaheim City School District board. He will fill the remaining two years of Brandman’s term. Al has been a resident of Anaheim for over 14 years, and is a proud parent, with his wife Samee, of a wonderful daughter. Al holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from CSUF and a Masters in Public Administration from CSULB.

In a Facebook post last night Mr. Jabbar wrote:

Al Jabbar1cThank you all for your overwhelming support. Today I was honored and humbled to be appointed trustee for Anaheim Union High School District. I look forward to working with parents, teachers and community members for a better future for our youth.

Congratulations AL!


  1. J.M J.M February 1, 2013

    Congrats Mr Jabbar,

    I hope that you are will be dedicated to the children and not decided 2 or 4 years later to run for a higher office. We have too many people who are serving our community and doing to get to the next level. The person who you are replacing fooled the Latino community in to supporting him twice and he ended up using the seat for political purposes, while granting tax breaks to rich developers in lieu of giving it to our schools and then most recently was behind the firing of one of the few Latina city attorney in the County because she supports a changing of our voting political system because it discriminates against Latinos.

    I wasn’t one of who got fooled twice in supporting Jordan Brandmsn and i be honest I didn’t support you because I saw political grandstanding , same as I saw in Jordan’s campaign. The worst thing I witnessed was one of your campaign signs above a memorial shrine.

    Please prove me wrong Mr jabbar, make a difference in the children’s lives you are serving, don’t run for a higher office in three years.

    Good luck and God Bless

  2. Joe Brown Joe Brown February 2, 2013

    Mr. Jabbar, the puppet of Dr. Jose Moreno, Amin David, and Los Amigos, is no more qualified to sit on this Board than he was on the Anaheim City School District Board of Trustees. In spite of all the money spent by the poison of education, teachers’ unions in the November election, he was embarrassingly defeated at the polls. Again, this happened even after he spent the most money of any candidate. Enjoy these two years, Mr. Al Jabbar. You will be thrown out in 2014.

    • SantaAnaCitizen SantaAnaCitizen February 4, 2013

      Are you a pinhead or what? All hate, no meat.

  3. Jason Young Jason Young February 2, 2013

    And Jordan Brandman was more qualified? Al Jabbar is a good man who will do far more for those students then do nothing take all the credit Brandman.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski February 3, 2013

      Jordan Brandman did a fine job representing students, teachers, and parents of Anaheim schools. He could be counted on to attends every significant school functions from plays to football games and always made himself accessible to those who sought his help. Your personal dislike of Jordan is one thing but voters continue to return him to office when he runs.

  4. Joe Brown Joe Brown February 2, 2013

    And two wrongs makes one right? Al Jabbar is as simple in explaining his educational vision which is nothing more that buzz words and worn out catch phrases as Catherine Smith is in her understanding of the majority of students she is elected to serve. What a joke of a board!

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