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Posts published in February 2013

OC Register Ad Policy Looks To Curb Negative Political Attacks

Apparently an ad that calls out the only two responsible council members remaining who's action to award a $158 million tax subsidy was voided by a judge because the issue was not properly noticed as required by the Brown Act violates the OC Register's advertising sensibilities and hence its policy.

I’ll take this job for…

Yesterday we learned an interesting detail about how the "Negotiators" on the Orange County Board of Supervisors go about hiring a new CEO. Rumors have been floating around the Hall of Administration that the new CEO would be paid enough to offset the amount that they must pay to cover their share of their pension benefits.

Hiring A CEO: A Lesson in Transparency?

Today the Orange County Board of Supervisors will be discussing both the compensation for their new CEO and the appointment of that CEO, the latter in closed session. With all of the kerfuffle over the severance package and compensation that former CEO Tom Mauk received, one might think the Board of Supervisors would not try to ram anything through at the last minute.

An Investment in an Untruth

Irvine’s new Republican majority has been taking the world’s longest victory lap.  The Register’s Frank Mickadeit has written several flattering columns and OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley continues…