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Posts published in January 2013

The Argument Against School Vouchers

Today’s Orange County Register has an editorial calling for “increased school choice” for parents while making the argument for a school voucher program.  The Register…

So who in OC has a CCW Permit?

When we initially submitted our public records request for the names and cities of Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) permit holders in Orange County, we planned to post the information as a public service. Then we got to the thinking about it part and took a different direction.

Los Alamitos Councilman Dean Grose: From Email Racist to Facebook Revolutionary

Almost four years ago Los Alamitos Councilman Dean Grose resigned in disgrace after sending out a racist attack on President Barack Obama to some of his constituents. Well he's at it again. Grose commented today on a Facebook post... "Uniting America against Obama's regieme one AK47 at a time!"