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Bill Maher’s Real Time Mocks Republicans (from Irvine)


Okay, so it wasn’t an actual Irvine Republican but an actor playing one on TV, but considering people in town like Allan Bartlett, Steven Choi, Christina Shea, Pat Rodgers, Lynn Schott, Jeff Lalloway and many others, it wasn’t exactly a stretch of the imagination. 

HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher and Current TV’s Keith Olbermann wrapped up the “New Rules” segment from Friday night by trying to talk facts with a “typical Republican voter from nearby Irvine” who was sequestered in a bubble (which in itself made me laugh because so many of my neighbors refer to living in Irvine as “life inside the bubble”).

Now while the bit was a gag for laughs, we all know this isn’t far from the truth.  Watch the YouTube video above. 

Maher also took a shot of those center-right minded folks who still think climate change is a hoax.  I immediately thought of some of our favorite OC Register editorialists.  To read more about this new Climate Change educational initiative led by former Vice President Al Gore, go here.  Excerpts of Maher’s New Rules commentary can be found below:

“New Rule: you can’t have a dialogue with people who don’t speak your language. On the Internet this week, Al Gore presented the Climate Reality Project, a 24-hour marathon of global warming facts and figures designed to change the minds of climate skeptics.  Oh Al, it’s going to take more than a Power Point presentation to convince Rick Perry that climate change is real. Rick Perry needs evidence, like a whale swallowing Jonah or Moses parting the Red Sea.  You know, facts.

Which is why I urge the media to start referring to climate skeptics as what they really are: climate a$$holes.

You know, Winston Churchill once said: “In wartime, the truth is protected by a bodyguard of lies.” In America today, Republican voters are protected by a bodyguard of “Duh.” A thick shell of super-hardened bull$hit, a membrane so tough, the only thing that gets in is Fox News and the only thing that comes out are misspelled signs and babies.”

Am I wrong about Irvine Republicans? Allan Bartlett called Ron Paul “the next president of the United States.”  I rest my case.



  1. Ltpar Ltpar September 21, 2011

    Dan, I am honored you included me in that group of conservatives. Well, let me rephrase that to exclued Jeff Lalloway, the clone of Scott Baugh. If it were up to those guys, they would turn Irvine into the “disaster area” we currently see in Costa Mesa. Fortunately, Lalloway is and will always be a minority, within a minority on the Irvine City Council.

    As to Maher and Olberman and their commentary, you only have to consider the source. Both are so far to the left they make Larry Agran, look like a conservative. They are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame and fortune, knowing that their days are numbered and will end on January 1, 2013.

    As far as living in a bubble we conservatives don’t, except for trying to break out of the one in Irvine crafted by the Agranista Political Machine. If less government, eliminating wasteful spending (Agran Shuttle to Nowhere), transparency of operation and fiscal accountablility are bad things, then I plead guilty as charged. Guess the voters in Irvine must agree with you, because we gave them a choice of local government with the above qualities or more corruption by the Agranistas and they opted for more of the same.

    Dan, in conclusion, the formula for efficient and honest government is, ” the honest and open government is in direct proportion to the quality of men and women elected.” Irvine, in my opinion, has done a pretty sorry job of handling that formula.

    • Anna Anna September 22, 2011

      I am so glad a conservative agrees with parts of president Obama’s jobs plan to identify and remove wasted spending. I’m also glad that a conservative agrees with the progressives the value of a honest government – Vote for Obama in 2012 and we will continue these good works to put this country back on track.

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