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Santa Ana announces formal negotiations with Chivas USA



The City of Santa Ana issued the following news release to announce they have entered into formal negotiations with Chivas USA.

City of Santa Ana has Entered into a Negotiating Rights Agreement with Chivas USA Enterprises LLC

SANTA ANA, Calif. (September 20, 2011) The City of Santa Ana is pleased to announce that it has entered into a negotiating rights agreement with Chivas USA Enterprises LLC.

Chivas USA is the sister team of Club Deportivo Guadalajara, popularly known as ‘Chivas’, Mexico’s most beloved soccer club. The potential move to Santa Ana would include their Major League team, reserve division, youth teams, and their non-profit foundation, which focuses on community service projects and programs.

The City and Chivas USA are exploring the potential relocation to Santa Ana, specifically to Willowick Golf Course, which is owned by the city of Garden Grove but within the City of Santa Ana’s borders. The City of Garden Grove is receptive to looking at the feasibility of this development.

“In these trying economic times, I am pleased that a Major League Soccer team would consider relocating to our city to bring much needed resources. Chivas’ presence would create recreational amenities and programs for youth, bring economic development opportunities to our businesses, and revitalize areas within our city,” stated Mayor Miguel Pulido.

Edgar Sebastian Vazquez, President of Inter American Sports Association, added, “As a 30-year resident, I feel this is a magnificent opportunity for all the local athletes as well as the businesses in our community. At this moment when the economy is suffering this opportunity brings jobs, new businesses, and improves programs for our city’s youth. Chivas USA is an organization that supports local youth and will improve the city as a whole.”

Now entering into an agreement to negotiate for relocation and actually moving here are two different things.  We continue to ask how the city, which has significant financial budgetary issues, is going to be able to finance this relocation.  This announcement is more along the lines of a Bread and Circuses play until these details are spelled out.


  1. SA Resident SA Resident September 20, 2011

    Wow! The city council approved an Memorandum Of Understanding allowing them to negotiate just last night and Chivas has signed it already? That’s pretty amazing. It makes one wonder if the city has been lying about this negotiation all along.

    What’s hilarious is that the mayor first announced this at a state of the city meeting 4 years ago. Since then he has announce multiple times that the city and Chivas are already in preliminary negotiations. One would have thought that in 4 years they would have some type of agreements in place if the team was serious. Now they are finally admitting it more publicly, most likely to avoid a lawsuit.
    The one significant thing that the mayor took off the table last night was the exclusivity. Originally the MOU required that Chivas not negotiate with anyone but Santa Ana for the next six months. Apparently, that was a deal breaker so the mayor removed that condition. If Chivas were serious about Santa Ana, they would have agreed to be exclusive, but obviously they still want to keep their options open for a better location.

    Hopefully Santa Ana gets a good deal, it doesn’t cost the taxpayers anything, it’s built in a proper location sensitive to the existing neighborhoods and infrastructure, and Chivas will kick in big money for the public safety and infrastructure that a new stadium will require.
    Otherwise, the mayor might not be able to collect his success fee.

  2. Juan Juan September 20, 2011

    Even if this deal does go through, what are the people living around WIllowick Golf Course gonna think. Theres also a radio station that is right in the middle of this golf course. It dont see how they will be move out of there. Also look at the traffic and accidents building a stadium is going to bring. Good luck police trying to help the people after a chivas game. Traffic is already bad, this is just gonna make it like the 405 driving on the street. Get your shit together Santa Ana, bad economy, bad times. This does not save the city. Not everybody likes, soccer, me included.

  3. Tru Tru September 21, 2011

    Was that really the only picture you could find?

    Just what we need. More sports that make heroes of men and decorations of women.


  4. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | September 21, 2011

    If you want pro soccer in Santa Ana, yep, the girls are part of the package.

    • Tru Tru September 21, 2011


      This is what passes for liberal in Orange County?

      You’re telling me that people can’t enjoy soccer without the T&A. Is having soccer in Santa Ana important enough to objectify women?

  5. Scott Scott October 27, 2011

    I like the pic. And as far as the golf course Juan. Not everybody likes golf. Me included.

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