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White House Year in Photos – 2010

From the White House Blog – Pete Souza:

We’ve just uploaded our year-end digital slide show on the official White House photo stream. I tried to include photographs that show President Obama in a variety of behind-the-scenes situations and ones that also represent the successes and challenges he faced during the year. A few playful moments, some with his family, are also included. I wrote first-person captions to accompany each photograph to hopefully give the viewer some added context where needed. Taken together, the slide show will hopefully provide people with a window into the Obama presidency from 2010. Special thanks to White House photo editor Alice Gabriner, who has worked tirelessly editing my photos for the past two years and is leaving the administration to work as a senior photo editor at National Geographic magazine.

Pete Souza is Chief Official White House Photographer and Director of the White House Photography Office