Congressional Democrats Must Make Republicans Own Tax Cuts for Millionaires

President Obama- Costa Mesa 3/16/09
President Obama- Costa Mesa 3/16/09

President Barack Obama has announced his deal with the Republicans in the House and Senate to continue tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires in order to get unemployment insurance extensions and hopefully prevent further stalling of ecomnomic growth and reduce unemployment. The deal is costly and runs contrary to the GOP mantra of cutting the deficit. But heck, they don’t believe in paying for tax cuts so in this case the deficit doesn’t matter to them.

Fine, let them have there deal. But the price should be that they have to come up with the majority of votes to pass the legislation. The progressives in the House and Senate need to hold firm and vote no on the deal. That way the only one caving will be the President. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, need to have the spine to stand up and say, loud and clear, we will not increase the federal deficit and debt to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

Stick to your core principles and values. Don’t negotiate with the GOP congressional terrorists and by all means, resist caving in to their demands. The deal needs to pass, but unlike health care reform, make them take responsibility.


  1. Well it’s certainly about time one of you guys took President Obama to task. The silence and deference is really unbecoming.

  2. What planet do you live on? The Republicans campaign on cutting taxes for Millionaires on the false premise that this will result in a better economy. The American people (or close to half of the ones that vote anyway) seem to have accepted this logic, and the news media doesn’t ever attempt to even question the logic.

    The economy won’t improve until Wall Street believes there is more profit in making risky loans to small and growing businesses, home purchasers, and other consumers than there is in borrowing money at 0% then lending it to the government at 2.5%

    As far as “getting the message out there” which media outlets do you see as giving you hope this will happen in the future? Even left leaning outlets are more interested in attacking political enemies and making every story seem as though it has two sides (and the liberal side is right) rather than laying out well detailed research.

    The entire structure is not going to change in the next year, and as such, this is a loosing proposition for Democrats no matter how you look at it.

    The progressives can have their morally correct and historically correct stance, but it all means nothing until we start getting results.

  3. President Obama has agreed to cooperate with the Republicans because he knows that their votes will be needed in order to ratify the START treaty.

  4. I knew the Dems would block it, and Obama knew it too. It was all strategy! Obama knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it better than anybody, he’s smarter better and more awesome than any other president ever!

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