Santa Ana City Council to Historical Preservationists: SILENCE OR ELSE!

Last night  the Santa Ana City Council did it again by giving the middle finger to historic preservation. First, they removed Jeff Dickman from the Historic Resources Commission. What it amounted to was political retribution for Jeff and other historic preservationists suing the city in order to save some historic structures from destruction. It essence, he did what Michele Martinez asked all her commissioners to do when she appointed them, ROCK THE BOAT. I remember when she first got elected and mentioned she wanted commissioners who were going to shake things up and rock the boat, precisely why I supported her for City Council and Mayor to begin with.

Well Jeff listened and was punished for it. In another note, one of the last of the Historic Preservation bloc on the Historic Resources Commission, Phil Schaefer was also replaced(Sarmiento simply chose not to re-appoint him) with Laurence Hitterdale. So Phil Schaefer, Phil Chinn and Jeff Dickman, the loudest voices for historic preservation are now gone, to be replaced with nothing but those who will do the bid of the City Council. Unfortunately the vote to remove Jeff Dickman was unanimous.

In the same meeting, the Council raised the application fee for the nomination of properties to be designated a historic structure. The amount is now roughly $5000 before Mills Act fees, one of the most expensive in the nation. The vote was 6-1, with David Benavides being the sole NO vote. Thank you David. This city has so much history that this city seems to want to destroy. Why? It is one of the things that makes Santa Ana great. So who will stand up for Santa Ana’s rich history? I certainly hope Alfredo Amezcua will step up and fight for historic preservation in this city. Right now, it is definitely in danger with the current leadership.


  1. Last night was one of the most infuriating things I have ever seen in my life. I was literally shaking when I left, their snub to the people of the city was so blatant! Santa Ana City Council told their residents that the poor no longer mattter, only the wealthy can play their game. How ironic to send that message immediately after Loretta Sanchez left. Let me know what i can do to help, y’all need some new leadership in SanTana.

  2. Colony Rabble,

    Thank you for your energetic and eloquent support of historic preservation before the SA council. You are right on, we need new leadership here.

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