Hardball to John Campbell: “Appeasing the Nutcases in Your Party”



It takes Chris Matthews two full minutes to get John Campbell to admit that Barack Obama is a “legitimate native-born American” while Matthews shows Campbell a copy of the birth certificate.

“You are playing to the crazies,” said Matthews to Campbell. 

And even then, Campbell tempers his remarks with the qualifier that Obama is a native born American, “as far as he knows.”

What a clownshoe.


  1. Is Campbell insane? maybe he should spend less time cosponsoring bills like this and telling lies about healthcare and get back to, you know, governing. The people in his district are suffering and there is basically a placeholder in the ca-48 right now. Campbell needs to stop pandering to the least among us and try to get some real work done.

  2. WTF?? He’s a total joke of a Congressman! It’s embarrassing to have him as our representative!! HE is the wacko, nutcase, crazy that Chris refers to in the video! When can we get rid of Campbell and get a REAL, rational leader to represent the 48th district?! Campbell is such a douchbag!

  3. This guy is nuts, not only does he ignore the needs of his constituents in this time of economic hardship but he is trying to tear the country appart. Guys like him thrive on dividing Americans with fake rumors to score what they think are legitimate political points.

    He could have spent his time on the taxpayers dime more effectively by just sitting in his office instead of doing this. This guy is will be an ex-congressman in January of 2011.

  4. Isn’t this guy running for Congress? Yet he continues to make a complete ass of himself… Way to go Campbell, thanks for the entertainment, good luck with the election 😉

  5. Things must be going great in his district if this is the greatest worry.

    I guess documentation followed with substantiations by the Governor (a GOP) and Health Director of Hawaii aren’t enough to satisfy these folks.

    What is?

  6. What else do we need? Hmmmm, how about the ONLY document that actually proves anything…the long form brith certificate. Is this topic really that hard for you to understand?

  7. Ryan,

    The COLB provided by Obama gets its information from the long form birth certificate.

    What part of that don’t you understand? Obama provided his COLB and it was immediately deemed fraudulent by the right wingnut birthers. Why does anyone believe there would be different rhetoric if he did provide the long form birth certificate.

    None of which takes into account the law states a child born to only one American citizen (even if born in a foreign country) is considered a natural born American and is qualified to be president.

    You may have missed the part where it’s been determined that Obama’s mother was born in Kansas. Since your geography might be lacking, that is a US state.

    Adding it all up makes the long form birth certificate a moot point to all but the true nutcases.

  8. This is beyond absurd – these right wing reactionary, anti-patriotic fools who insist on flaming the paranoid ramblings of the fringe right-wing.

    I am embarrassed that members of the US Congress are dealing in such stupidity.

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