Conservatives Hate Celebrity Unless Celebrity is Conservative

Hollywood Sign Address

How many times must we read Republican/Conservative contempt for Hollywood celebrity, which is largely liberal and pretty damn wealthy enough to put their money where their mouths are in terms of supports causes they favor, except when that member of Hollywood is a conservative?

State Rep. Chuck DeVore took aim at Hollywood liberals recently via this post in OC Weekly and did his best Richard Nixon impression with some good old-fashioned Orange County Red-Baiting:

Part of DeVore’s concern stems from: “A number of the Democrat lawmakers trying to block [the awareness day] have recently enjoyed junkets to China and have dined at the home of the PRC’s Consul General in San Francisco,” he wrote at

He doesn’t name names in the junket business and he’s oddly mum on George Bush’s pronounced kindness to Communist China interests, but slams Bill Clinton’s trade agreements with them, and opines that Hollywood has been kissing commie booty since 1997, the last time, according to DeVore, the U.S. film industry produced movies that accurately depict the red menace in films such as Kundun, Seven Years in Tibet and Red Corner.

Since then, wrote DeVore, “Hollywood is performing self-censorship, ever mindful of offending the Chinese Communist Party and risking a cut-off of a growing goldmine.”

Matt Cunningham had a post in the long quiet “Guns and Rosaries” blog that is critical of Matt Damon’s comments about Sarah Palin. The Flash Report posted this tribute to Hollywood conservatives to coincide with the Oscars. 

Key paragraph here:

“Today, it is not hard to find still some very partisan and hard edged lefties like Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Janeane Garafalo, and Rosie O’Donnell and many more. They are entitled to their politics, although their anti-Americanism and kindness to dictators around the world is shameful.”

The reason for this post?Actor Ron Silver passed away from cancer this weekend.  He was a talented actor and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.  But because Silver had transformed from a liberal to a conservative, he is memorialized in today’s Wall Street Journal which the Flash Report opined was newsworthy enough to post.

So the message here boys and girls is quite simple. As far as conservatives go, Hollywood Liberals are bad and Hollywood conservatives are good.  No shades of gray here.


  1. Hey Dan: I think Chuck DeVore should identify the California Democrats he’s accusing of working for/with the Chinese commies on the issue. If the Irvine state assemblyman, a decent student of history, is going to proclaim a conspiracy of this nature, he needs to identify folks, unless there’s a legal reason not to do so. But still, I must admit, isn’t this stuff fascinating from a cultural standpoint?!?!

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