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Bloggers Behaving Badly

I spent some time reading the local blogs and checking in with my Facebook friends and am noting some interesting comments in posts.

Let’s start with our friends at Orange Punch, where Steve Greenhut has a post about how Conservatives will be spending considerable time in the wilderness.  No disagreement there.  But then Stephen wrote this about the New York Times:

“That contempt seemed evident several times, notably when Tucker Carlson, not a bad guy but not exactly the epitome of a deep thinker himself, argued that conservatives need to focus more on facts and suggested that the NY Times at least cared about spelling peoples’ names right. That elicited a huge moan from the crowd, and the moans were repeated when he tried to point out that the Times gathers news pretty well.

That’s just stupid. Of course the Times has an ideological bent, and sometimes, especially with the “analysis” pieces, you have to wear pretty heavy ideological blinders as you read. And it can have an arrogant edge. But even in the sorry state the newspaper business is in just now, it still does the best job I know of at gathering and reporting the news. It’s far from the most slanted paper in the country. To deny that is simply to let your ideological proclivities overcome simple observation and deny yourself a valuable source of information — and perhaps to identify yourself as a yahoo.”

I actually think the Register does a pretty good job covering Orange County, but to read the editorial pages with all the right wing columnists nit has and no left voice whatsoever, Steven’s comment I bolded is a great “pot calling the kettle black” moment.

Over at Red County, Matt Cunningahm and gang have a new debate tactic; you just can’t be for or against something…there are long hard choices now.  Read the comments from this post on DC schools.  And Matt joins Rush Limbaugh and Jonah Goldberg as another conservative who hopes Obama fails.  Party before country fellas! 

Matt wrote: “I shake my head every time I hear a Republican politician or commentator, out of misplaced sense of politesse, avers they “want the President to succeed.”

I want Obama to fail, and the fail spectacularly, for the reasons Goldberg puts forth. I want the economy to recover and grow, I want America to succeed, and I want liberty to succeed — and therefore I want Obama’s new New Deal to be an utter and obvious failure, sooner rather than later.”

Is it me, or is that…unpatriotic?

Over at the Orange Juice Blog, Art Pedroza celebrates the new rulings about massage parlors in Santa Ana by slurring Asian woman using a phrase “me love you long time” in a graphic on his post (I’m not linking to it). That’s right, Art believes every Asian woman that works in a massage parlor is a prostitute.  And why he advocates for these businesses in his city is beyond me.  My favorite part of the post was the comments where Art suggests to Matt Cunningham that he needs a masage to relax.  May all your endings be happy ones Art.

Not to be excluded, Sean Mill, whom I like, rags on us for not publishing a story about Janet Nguyen funding a $170,000 clay Tennis court in Santa Ana.  OK,’s pork.  But its pork bringing a new tennis court to a city your buddy Art complained about not having enough parks and playgrounds when he ran for council.  Its pork that will get kids off the street into a youth recreation program perhaps.  For a blog that highlights every shooting and blames it on the current Mayor and City Council, how is adding a tennis court a bad thing?  Of, and this isn’t cheerleading for Janet, but she did do a good thing for the kids of Santa Ana.  Who knows if the Williams sisters would have ever amounted to anything if there wasn’t a tennis court in Compton.

I laughed at this post from Jon Fleischman at the Flash Report complaining about the Norman Mineta Airport in San Jose.

“Who is Norm Mineta? He is a politician of course. Mineta was Mayor of San Jose, served for many years in Congress, and also served as a token Democrat in President George W. Bush’s cabinet, serving as Secretary of Transportation.

This practice of “idolizing” politicians by naming public works in their honor (freeways, bridges, airport terminals, and more) are misguided.

Government service, as a representative, is laudable and should be commended. But public works, paid for with the peoples money, shouldn’t bear the name of politicians. And for those who think it’s okay to do so postumously, let me assure you that Mineta is very much alive and kicking.”

Secretary Mineta was the person response for grounding all aircraft on 9/11 when it became obvious we were under attack with terrorists using jets as missiles.  I think his action probably saved lives.    But with the statement I’ve bolded, I wonder if Jon thinks we should change the name of Reagan International Airport in DC.  In fact, I sure hope Jon sends this post to members of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project.  Details on this organization below.

The mission of Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP), according to the organization’s web site, is “to honor and memorialize the historic achievements of President Ronald Reagan. It aims to do so by naming at least one notable public landmark in each state and all 3067 counties after the 40th president…. In recognition of President Reagan’s leadership role in the defeat of communism, the Project also seeks to honor his memory in formerly communist countries.”

And finally, this post from Jon Fleischman in the FlashReport.

3-3-2009 1:02 pm


This random thought just crossed my mind as I am traveling on the rental car shuttle at the Oakland Airport…

It would appear that President Obama is going to govern this nation as a hardcore left-wing ideologue. In some respects I am jeolous because our last President certainly didn’t govern as a hardcore right-winger. Not even close. I think I feel kind of… cheated…

So do we Jon. So do we.  But to say Bush wasn’t a conservative is a flat out lie. He ran as a compassionate conservative.  But like all Reopublicans when elected to a position of power, Bush failed to govern by the principles of Republicanism and Conservatism.  You worked for his election — twice.  Compared to Bush, McCain was a moderate.  Better do your homework next time around.


  1. RHackett RHackett March 5, 2009

    I like Jon.

    He was really tough in his mano a mano showdown with Abel Maldonado.

    Whenever I read his moonbat writings two words come to mind.

    Mike Carona.

    Where was he then?

    With folks like Jon (and his big bro Limbaugh) the GOP is headed to that point where they are becoming the proverbial tree that falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it.

  2. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 6, 2009

    I was surprised that Jon was against the Reagan Legacy Project given that his hero Grover Norquist is the chairman of the group. By all means, let’s rename the Ronald Reagan Federal Building, dump Reagan International Airport and et al.

    I’m still laughing at how Abel Maldonado and other Republicans walked away for Jon laughing in that video Carla Maranucci from the SF Chron shot. It shows how little he is regarded by elected officials in his own party.

    Maybe Mike Carona was right about Jon

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