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We Have A Budget

For what it’s worth, the hostage crisis in Sacramento is over. While there is certainly some Republican blood on the floors of both legislative houses, no one died.

I’m still waiting on some more detailed analysis of the budget provisions adopted early this morning at 6:30 AM, it appears that the gas tax increase has been removed, replaced by a 0.25% increase across the board in State income taxes. There will be three Constitutional amendments presented to the voters at the demand of GOP Senator Abel Maldonado to limit legislative pay if a budget is not passed on time and in years of financial crisis. The whopper of Maldonado’s demand was for a Constitutional Amendment establishing non-partisian primarys for state elected offices.

Senator Lou has successfully achieved his pledge to bring more of OC tax contributions back home. To the tune of more than $30 million in each of the next two years, and $50 million every year thereafter. Now just watch the Board of Supervisors try to take credit for this. For the record, they didn’t do crap to help. Not one OC Republican legislator voted in favor of bringing back more of OC’s share of stat tax dollars.

Total Buzz has some more detailed info here. Check it out.