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Posts published in February 2009

Joe the Traitor

Joe the Far Righty talks about bashing the heads of elected officials in.

Los Alamitos Mayor to Resign?

Via Calitics, I found this from the paper that occasionally notices that we exist whenever we have “big news”: Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose has…

Court throws out lawsuit to gut deputy benefits

LOS ANGELES – Rejecting legal arguments by the County of Orange that Deputy Sheriff pension benefits in Orange County are unconstitutional, Los Angeles Superior Court…

Four Obama Inspired Lessons for California Democrats – Part Two

Last week I wrote that the Obama campaign should serve as a master class in winning elections for Democrats, but, unfortunately, not enough California Democrats are playing attention to the Obama campaign’s most important lessons. We've dealt with the first two lessons -- (1) Blame Republicans and Present a Democratic Solution, and (2) Use the Internet. The remaining two Obama inspired lessons are (3) Expand the Electorate, and (4) Champion the Middle Class. Let’s tackle them now.

Disability Service Cuts – Get Heard!

California Dept of Developmental Services Public Forum This forum is to receive input from consumers, family members, service provides and other stakeholders on possible cost…