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CA44: Hedrick closes gap by 1049 votes

More updates on ballot counting in OC..

We are down to mostly Provisional ballots at this point. Counting of Provisionals for Garden Grove begin at 2 pm today, and Hedrick’s race against Calvert either Friday or Saturday.

In the Hedrick/Calvert contest for the 44th Congressional seat, Bill hedrick has narrowed the lead that Calvert has by 1,049 votes. the totas now stand at Hedrick 108,297 to Calvert 116,554.

With our focus firmly placed on the three initially close races we missed the Santa Ana Unified School District race. Roman Reyna has close to within 24 votes of Valerie Amezcua, 9,670 to 9,694. We will be watching this race too until the counting is done.

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  1. Katie Katie November 13, 2008

    They are counting only the 44th CD provisional ballots in OC tomorrow. If anyone can be down there to keep an eye, it’d be much appreciated

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