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CA-46: The Mainstream Media’s Now Noticing Debbie Cook

(Image courtesy of LA Times)

“Debbie Cook is a serious candidate, with serious money, with serious name recognition at a time when the country is looking for change.” – Mark Petracca, Chairman of the Political Science Department, UC Irvine.

“There are a lot of Republicans in this town that are going to vote for me. […] There is so much widespread disappointment in the current representative; he’s extremely divisive… He actively works against the people in his own district.” – Debbie Cook, Huntington Beach Mayor & Democratic Candidate for Congress in the 46th District.

Oh, my! That LA paper that occasionally takes notice of us is actually taking notice of what may become the hottest race in OC this fall. And while the GOP establishment folks still deny that there’s a real race happening here, that’s OK. They’ll probably be caught in the coming wave by surprise.

But anyways, do take a looky here. The mainstream media’s starting to take notice. People are waking up.

Oh yes, and I think by now we all know what to do. Volunteer. Contribute. Help put Debbie Cook over the top. 🙂


  1. jose s. jose s. June 6, 2008

    it’s about time! i so badly want dana out his time has finally come.

  2. cook cook June 6, 2008

    Final tallies

    Debbie 80% 15,496

    Dana 87.6% 30,796

    all others 8,599

    Looks like an up hill fight for Debbie.

  3. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson June 6, 2008

    Uphill, maybe, Cook. But it was very low turnout, there was not much reason for DTS’s to show up at all, and it’s true that a lot of Republicans are going to vote for Debbie – and couldn’t last week.

    Don’t worry, we’ve got it all planned out. And now she’s got a song!

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