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Chatter: Hutchens vs. Walters for Sheriff

Total Buzz is reporting that a vote on the appointment of Orange County’s next Sheriff will come up at this Tuesday’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting. OCBlog is reporting that Hunt supporters are backing Hutchens, because they think she would be easier for Hunt to beat in 2010.

While each candidate had the support of four Supervisors at the time the list was narrowed down (Moorlach /Hutchens vs. Norby/Walters); if you had asked me yesterday afternoon, I would have said that Walters had it in the bag.

Today, I do not have that same level of confidence. My sources are suggesting that Hutchens is starting to look good on the 5th floor. There are concerns that Walters is too politically connected in OC to make his appointment look like they are cleaning house. Then of course, there is the naggimg crime rate and unsuccessful efforts to curb gang violence in Santa Ana under Walter’s leadership.

But hell, these are just rumors and until one of Art Pedroza’s (the orange juice blog) pajaritos confirms the rumors one way or another. So reality is anybody’s guess.


  1. Jubal Jubal June 6, 2008

    There are concerns that Walters is too politically connected in OC to make his appointment look like they are cleaning house.

    One thing to consider, Chris, is that the Hutchens boomlet is coming from political circles.

  2. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | June 6, 2008

    Good point Jubal. I cannot disagree.

    I would say though that the political influence of those backing Walters exceeds that of Hutchens by a few hundred miles.

    It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  3. Rocket Rocket June 7, 2008

    There are concerns that Walters is too politically connected in OC to make his appointment look like they are cleaning house.

    I think this is precisely the reason the Hunt supporters are said to be backing Huthens. She is well qualified and her selection will be in the best interests of the Department and the County.

  4. Dan Morgan Dan Morgan June 8, 2008

    Didn’t Walters retire at one point? And isn’t Hutchens retired from LAPD? So will they receive two full paychecks when selected? I believe this is all known and allowed, but does not sit well with many of us.

  5. Trina Barber Trina Barber June 8, 2008

    Walters retired, returned as a paid consultant to the same department he retired from and “double dipped” for years. Hutchens retired from LA Sheriff’s Department and is now in the finals for the OCSD.

    Interesting comments from many on this blog to be sure. Comparing the two finalists it is easy to see who is the truly better choice for the office of Sheriff and that is Hutchens. On paper, in person, in background checks, in checked “baggage”, in political IOU’s Walters has stacked up all this and more during his failed administration in Santa Ana. Walters is connected allright, to the unions, to the political machine of OC, and he is beholden to both and many more. I don’t want anyone like Walters near the office of Sheriff again, BEEN THERE DONE THAT, since Brad Gates. For a true change and quality in this office Hutchens is the clear and overwhelming choice. We will see what the BOS really believes when they collectively make this decision.

    Seems to me Norby is rushing to judgment. Why is that? Well maybe due to his ties to Walters and campaign managements from the past, maybe he wants to ensure the media and people don’t have a chance to go down to Lamoureux Justice Center and pull the file under CAse Number 07D000143 styled: Walters v Walters in which they will find all the necessary documentation to confirm double dipping, financial distress, adultery, and failing to keep his promises. Maybe Norby doesn’t want anyone to investigate where Walters actually resides, Santa Ana or Tustin. Court documents from 12/07 show he resides in Tustin, however, voter registration information from 11/07 signed by Walters promises he lives in Santa Ana, in a house that doesn’t appear to be occupied.

    After all we have been through with the last two Sheriff’s seems a week or two more of selection process wouldn’t kill anyone, but Norby wants this done and has for weeks. WONDER WHY. Lets not fully vet these candidates, let just appoint the one who is best known, uses the same political consultants as me and get this done before anyone finds all his “baggage” hidden in the shadows.

    Norby and all the rest should carefully weigh the finalist who won’t embarrass them if they have any thoughts of being re-elected in two years. That candidate is clearly Hutchens. She is the BEST person for the job, on paper, in person, without political favors owed and with never faultering INTEGRITY!

  6. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski June 8, 2008

    And someone easier for Hunt to beat in the election. Trina, we have covered the divorce papers at length with Matt Cunninham of all people knocking down most of the rumor and inneundo. Are you sure you don’t spell your last name b-i-e-b-e-r?

  7. Jubal Jubal June 8, 2008


    Trina Barber has been spamming this comment across the OC blogosphere.

    It’s interesting to me that alone among the leading sheriff candidates, it is Paul Walters who has not resorted to sleazy personal attacks, especially the discredited divorce settlement attack.

    Hutchens’ supporters attack Walters’ character, yet they are the ones slinging the mud.

    If Sandra Hutchens disavowed the Trina Barbers in her camp, that would mean something.

  8. Thomas Anthony Gordon Thomas Anthony Gordon June 9, 2008

    Santa Ana has turned into a war zone, and Paul Walters should not be rewarded for his failures here in Santa Ana.

    The City of Santa Ana spends over 3 million dollars removing all the vandalism to businesses and homes.

    Gun shots can be heard nightly all over town, while children are killed and homes sprayed with bullets.

    Paul Walters recently said at an April gang summit here in town, attended by the State Gang Czar, that ” resident are afraid to come out of their homes” (thats on video)

    The SAPD leadership has promised us for a long while that crime statistics would be put on line…..yet this has failed to happen. Why do they hide crime statistics from the public?

    Santa Ana has less officers on patrol now than it did 25 years ago, even though our population has nearly doubled.

    Residents of the cities served by the Orange County Sheriff’s office should demand that the Board of Supervisors look at the facts when they appoint the next Sheriff.

    The facts say that Paul Walters has been in charge of a war zone and has been willing to lie to the residents and even the Board of Supervisors to further enrich himself on the taxpayers dime with any sort of honesty or accountability.

  9. Rocket Rocket June 9, 2008

    Hunt has no reason to run against Huthens in 2010. She’s the best for the job and local politics will no longer operate the department. If Walters is appointed, Hunt will likely run.

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