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Trung in ChopperI love the Total Buzz blog, except for today where Regster politicial reporter Marty Wisckoll dediced to get failed District 1 supervisor’s candidate Trung Nguyen’s take on the “Taking to the Street” fiasco.  Trung’s response is also a thinly-veiled attack on Janet and perhaps some advice he ought to follow on his own.  See the post here.  Marty, Trung isn’t a supe so asking him what should be done is weak at best.

Paging Tom Umberg; why not weigh in on this yourself?  You lost the First District supes race too?  What do you think the Supes should do?  Perhaps Bill Hunt could opine on every decision weighed by Sherriff Carona.  Call John Duong and ask what he’d do differently than Beth Krom.

There is no reason to seek Trung’s opinion on anything related to the County.  He is a candidate for the next election which is a long way off.  If Marty keeps this up, we will need to insist that other school board members be asked their opinions…..because that is all Trung is, a school board member.



  1. Hi Dan,

    I like both Janet and Trung. Janet has been a model of accessibility lately, which I particularly appreciate. I personally am confident that there is no subconscious ill intent toward Janet here. And none that is conscious.

    We’re trying to get all the supervisors on the record. Then who else do we get on the record? Well, how about candidates for supervisor? There is one declared candidate — Trung. We know it’s going to be a showdown next year. The policy distinctions between the two Nguyens were vague in the last election, so I’m eager to find out what they are before the next election.

    Seems like an odd thing for you to want to bicker about. Let’s NOT hear what Trung has to say? How about LESS information and FEWER points of view? Especially from someone who was three votes away from having a say on this issue, and may be making such decisions in the future?

    Also, in my opinion, your sarcasm, beside being unnecessarily impolite, undercuts your case.


  2. I’m actually curious to hear what every candidate for that seat has to say. If and when Joe Dunn or Claudia Alvarez announce that they will run for it, I would like their take on issues like these as well.

    I don’t get it Dan, do you want the public to be informed before making a decision next June or not?

  3. Well they prolly asked him because it was such a close race and the fact that once again when the lovely mz Nguyen is presented with a tough and important question…..she um like needs nore information, and cannot make a good decision to save her seat.

  4. I think Dan has a point. By your logic, Flowers, wouldn’t it make sense to ask Lynn Daucher what she thought of the things Lou Correa does in office? Or to ask Diane Harkey’s opinion about Tom Harmon’s actions?

  5. Gila I do see your’s & Dan’s point but those races were not decided in courtrooms…this one was. (or was the Correa/Daucher race…it’s all a blurr Anyway the total was so close and there are such strong feelings on both sides. I think that for her term on the board the WWTD question is going to come into play frequently. Especially since she, IMO, keeps making bad decisions and silly comments. The newspapers are looking for readers and ratings. Like Trung or not….it probably got a lot of hits on the website today.

  6. I agree with Dan and Gila. It elevates Trung to spot as a 6th member of the Board. Martin does not do this for other challengers for other offices so why here? Claudia has said she’s running for the seat but Martin did not ask her for her take.

    Martin must have been having a “fair and balanced” moment.

  7. The “need more information” is the same excuse the Bush administration has used about Global Warming for years.

  8. Martin Wisckol is right to ask trung his opinion in this matter. As i see it, Trung may be our next Su[ervisor as people will surley get weary of janets lack ofleadership ability. Add that to the multi million dollar tab she and her colleagues including street created witht their office redecorating, and now a Brand Spaking New Welfare Office in Little Saigon because her “Constituents” are too lazy to go to Santa Ana to collect theor welfare checks.

    So now that Janet has had her turn at Playing Elected Official, this litle girl will find herself out on the curb in the cold cruel world when the ablve mentioned items are lumpmed together with all the racist Mailers she sent out to voters to barley win the special election and she finds her friend Michelle Martinez no where to be found when the Dem party presses her to back Claudia ALvarez for Supervisor at the risk of being ostrecized by the party.

    Bye Bye Janet.

  9. Gila I do see your’s & Dan’s point but those races were not decided in courtrooms…this one was.

    So it’s about the race having been decided in a courtroom? Like the Bush/Gore outcome was decided?

    I can’t wait to hear reporters start asking Gore to second-guess all Bush’s decisions.

  10. Dan & Gila – they probably woulda done that with Gore if he had not gone into hiding after the election. Also, this is not about the presidential races almost 8 years ago….it is abut a race that happened 6 months ago. Why must everything with you guys fall back to Bush anyway?

  11. 3:32,

    Smoking crack in the early morning? Not very Reep of you. Trung will NEVER be our Supervisor. Write that down. If anyone is going to beat Supervisor Nguyen it will be Joe Dunn. Trung has NO CHANCE. He needs to go back to running for water boards and losing to little old Anglo ladies…

  12. Art, you’d probably make more sense if you did smoke crack.

    We know you hate Trung, but to keep repeating the same talking points you made during the special election campaign puts you in the negative credibility charts, Art.

    Back then you kept saying Trung was going to be destroyed, and you were wrong yet again when Trung beat Janet on election day, and only wound up losing by 3 votes.

    And nice to see Dan and the gang trying to dictate to Wisckol who he can and cannot seek comment from.

  13. Pedrozabot,

    The points are worth repeating because they are still true! Trung HAS lost more elections than just about anybody in the OC.

    Elections, like sports, hinge on getting a majority vote. It does not matter if you lose by one vote or a thousand. You STILL LOSE.

    BTW, no one thought Janet had a chance, but I did. And few Reeps thought Bustamante would suck as much as he did. But I said so – repeatedly.

    I thought Umberg would have a better turnout, but I also wrote many times that it was stupid for the Democrats to recruit an Anglo carpetbagger for a district with so many minority voters. And I was right.

    Finally, it is ludicrous for Wisckol to interview Trung about anything. The guy is a school board member who could not win a seat on HIS OWN Central Committee. Pathetic. Wisckol clearly is in cahoots with Schroeder and the Tran cabal. Very sad. He used to be a terrific reporter. Now he is just a shill for these lame Reeps.

    Next year he will lose again and hopefully he will then go hang out with his fellow Anti-Mexican, Tan Nguyen and GO AWAY.

  14. Marty is a good journalist and I respect his work. I also don’t believe he’s doing any favors for the consigiliare.

    As a reader of the Register, and a general consumer of news, I always wonder “why did they talk to that guy?

    Over on Total Buzz, Marty took umbrage to my comments and sarcasm, saying it didn’t help my cause. In this case, I don’t have one. I don’t care for Janet or Trung. I don’t live in the First District. But Marty said they are trying to get all the Supes on the record here, which only makes me wonder, why Trung?>

    So, Gentle Reader, it’s not that I disapprove of Marty interviewing Trung as I question they logic of why?

  15. It is one of the many reasons we are watching the death throes of the OC Register. Their market has changed significantly from the days when there were actually oranges in Orange County. Instead of adapting to their changing demographic they have chosen to dig in their heels and the marketplace is responding accordingly by shrinking circulation.

    Look at their Op Ed writers. Angry white males. Who do they represent? Or better how many do they represent?

  16. Dan,

    I think Wisckol has become quite lazy. He relies on Schroeder for material, and when Schroeder tells him to interview Trung, he does it.

    I have known Wisckol since he first arrived in Orange County. He has changed, and not in a good way. He used to be quite independent. He now appears to be a tool for the Schroeder and Van Tran cabals.

    I hope I am wrong, but the evidence is to the contrary.

  17. He relies on Schroeder for material, and when Schroeder tells him to interview Trung, he does it.

    Classic Pedroza. Make something up and state it as fact.

    …but the evidence is to the contrary.

    Which evidence, not surprisingly, Art fails to produce. Unless thinks merely stating his opinion elevates it to evidentiary status.

  18. but I also wrote many times that it was stupid for the Democrats to recruit an Anglo carpetbagger for a district with so many minority voters.

    More nonsense. A year ago, so wrote off Umberg as political toast as a candidate for supervisor. A couple of months later, you were saying he was unbeatable for supervisor. All through the campaign, you said he would likely be the winner.

    Not that you were alone. I thought the most likely outcome was an Umberg win, and in the closing weeks I the second most likely outcome was a Janet win.

    But don’t re-write history.

  19. Unbelievable. You liberals are always complaining about the lack of information available to the public; about how much the voters should be informed before making a decision.

    Now all of a sudden, when the person being interviewed is a Reep, stop the presses!!

    Martin is doing excellent work at the OC Register, and I can’t believe you are giving him crap about interviewing TOO MANY people.

    So there’s the story folks. According to the libs the public needs as much info as possible to make an informed decision….but only if it’s coming from Dem candidates.

  20. Marty — apologies that your comment got hung up in the spam filter. Greenhut has the same problem.

    Art, I disagree with you here. I think Marty is a fine reporter. But I believe there are other announced or rumoured to be running candidates for this seat, and in fairness, perhaps they should be asked their opinions too.

    Marty — I still believe you elevated Trung to a position of the sixth supervisor well ahead of next June’s primary…are you going to start writing about all the other county races for next June now as well? As I said, interview anyone you want. But as a reader and subscriber, and one with a J degree, I reserve the right to question why him?

    Also, inflection doesn’t translate well to bits and bytes. Sarcasm, guilty as charged. Impolite, apologies if you felt it so.

    Matt — Posting comments to a blog on a Saturday night late; man, you know how to show your wife a good time.

  21. Jubal/Matt does disclose this. If he is ever found out to be writing for clients without disclosure, light the torches……

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