See Diane Harkey in Action Tomorrow

Diane HarkeyLast week, Dana Point Diane Harkey made a huge blunder when she misled the OC Republican Party, the press, and the public on the location of her huge Assembly Campaign fundraiser. And this week, she just might make another one at the next Dana Point City Council meeting. After all, this is a public event, and Diane Harkey has seemed to be awfully afraid of the public as of late.

So how will she react tomorrow night, when she must face her not-so-adoring public? Will the Dana Point Mayor be just as deceptive toward her city council colleagues and local constituents then as has been toward just about everyone in the recent past? Will she try to run away from the truth this time, as she has done before? What will she do if she’s confronted with her own record of ignoring the needs of her own constituents in order to fulfill the desires of outside special interests? Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out. I guess we’ll all have to go to the city council meeting tomorrow, and we’ll have to see the spectacle for ourselves.

OK, so when and where do we go? Here’s where to go for the city council meeting. Be there at 6:00 PM, as that’s when the public portion of the meeting begins. Here’s where to find the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting Oh yes, and look out for some interesting testimonies during public comments. Who knows what will be said then, and how Diane Harkey will (over)react to it?

I plan to be there tomorrow. Are you? If you’re in Dana Point and you want to see for yourself what’s happening with all the controversy surrounding the mayor, you should go. Go.

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  1. Excellent Andrew…Yes I will be there and yes there shall be some fireworks. Last time this happened to Harkey was when she was runnong against Tom Harmon. It got SO DIRECTIVE TOWARD HARKEY at a council meeting that she walked out. Peace…Robert Traphagen

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