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Dorothy Parker is spinning in her grave

From Thomas Sowell’s column in today’s (8/30/06) Orange County Register:

Dorothy Parker’s sharp-witted writings used to cut through a lot of nonsense. Ann Coulter is the Dorothy Parker of our time – an industrial-strength Dorothy Parker.

What horses&#t.

Ann Coulter’s work is a lot of nonsense. There are websites dedicated to fact checking her books and her columns. She is the master for out-of-context research in her books. With so many of my conservative friends daring me to condemn Michael Moore’s work, almost none of them will condemn Ms Coulter’s work.

No one has a better rejoinder to Ms. Coulter than Kristen Breitweiser. She is one of the “Jersey Girls” (or, per Ms, Coulter, Harpies). Breitweiser has a new book out, not that you know it from the lack of appreances on MSM talk shows, but the book is called “Wake Up Call: The Political Education of a 9/11 Widow.”

The last thing in the book before the attribution is an open letter to Ann Coulter written in late June about three weeks after the release of Coulter’s “Godless.” It is an honest, heartflet response to one of the meanest charges laid out by Coulter in Godless. Breitweiser never fights dirty, she is respectful in tone, and she hits Coulter with a set of facts that Miss Ann is bound to dismiss.

So when the Right tells you the Left is full of hate and seething anger, offer Breitweiser’s letter as proof we’re not. Breitweiser was a Republican and voted for Bush in 2000, but she says only Democrats on the Hill offered her and the Jersey Girls any sort of help in their search for the truth about what happened on 9/11.

But back to Sowell for a moment; the comments in Orange above prove this man has either never read Dorothy Parker or he’s forgotten most of what he read. She’s one of my favorite writers, and to compare her with Ann Coulter is a travesty.


  1. demmother demmother August 30, 2006

    Why in the world should anyone give credence to Manne coulter is beyond me.

    Like other wackos, they just want attention. What disgusts me is that the so called “liveral” media puts her(im) on and acts like this is serious stuff.

    Check out John Dean’s book… Fascinating.

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