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Pledges vs Payments

Love how this story on campaign contributons is buried in and not even mentioned on PowderBlue (but kudos to Flash Report for posting it up high where it belongs). I’m simply amazed that the Register has written a balanced story where Republican candidates are placed in a difficult light. Perhaps camapign finance reform in California’s state and local elections can carry an additional burden of listing “pledges” from fundraisers along with actual “received” donations. Do yourself a favor and read the story linked up aove.


  1. Jubal Jubal August 31, 2006

    “Buried”? Are you training for the Conculsion Jumping event in the next Olympics?

    Would you like to write the Red County/OC Blog News Roundup? Then you can order the stories any way you like.

  2. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 31, 2006

    Matt —
    The story was Page 3 in the Register with a huge photo; decent play where the Reg normally gives more context to short-shifted page 1 briefs.

    But this story is in fact “buried” in the middle of a collection of news stories on your site. 10 stories down, below a story about the boat that sunk after being built for 27 years in some guys backyard.

    It’s been awhile since I attended J-school, but I seam to recall stories were always placed in descending order from most important ot least important. For a blog that deals in politics, this story should have been ranked higher on your radar.

    Just how might I go about writing for Red County? I’m as blue as they come.

  3. Jubal Jubal August 31, 2006


    Here are some actual facts on which you can base a conclusion:

    The order in which a list the stories roughly corresponds to the order in which I see them on the newspaper website. I haven’t even seen the print edition when I do the Roundup – which is why I sometimes miss stories that aren’t on the website.

    For the record: I didn’t bury that story. You can believe that or not — I no longer care. If I’m not following the journalistic pyramid to your liking — oh well. Read Orange Juice’s clone of the News Roundup.

  4. Jubal Jubal August 31, 2006


    I have accented that item in yesterday’s News Roundup with bright, pretty colors so that only a blind man can miss it. If it were possible to make it handicapped-accessible to the blind, I would do so.

  5. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 31, 2006

    So we’re both right.

    I’ve only pointed out if you want to see this story on your blog,you have to go hunting for it.

    However, the issue remains that there are serious concerns with the way money is raised by politicians in this state and federally.

    This reminds me of the controversy surrounding the documents on Bush’s service in the national guard; sure the documents were forgeries, but no one disputed the content of the documents including the White House; Killian’s secretary even said she had typed memos exactly like those in question.

    Matt, I would prefer a comment on the suggestion I made that politicians report on pledges and donations received so we, as voters, can better ascertain where the money comes from.

  6. Jubal Jubal August 31, 2006


    1) Actually, you didn’t “just” point out how you had to “hunt” for the story. You made it clear you thought I “buried” it.

    2) I don’t think “pledges” should be reported, because a pledge isn’t a contribution. The current 24-hour requirements for donations over $1,000 are sufficient to keep track of who is giving to whom. What constitutes a “pledge?” If I walk up to a legislator and say “I promise to give $1,500 to your campaign” — even if I have no intention of doing so — does he/she then have to scurry off and report my “pledge” within 24 hours?

    It’s not only a useless additional requirement that isn’t going to make politics one iota “cleaner” but it’s a recipe for late campaign mischief.

  7. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski September 1, 2006

    Matt –
    I do think you buried it. Sorry, I just do.

    And again, the story is situated in the bottom third of the all the stories in the round up. Let the reader decide if it was buried or not.

    Campaign finance reform is needed badly; we can’t have one standard for progressives and one for conservatives.

    Thanks for reading my posts, but I don’t think you’re serious about me contributing to 😉

  8. Anonymous Anonymous September 1, 2006

    This little exchange reminds me to be thankful for the blogs and bloggers here in the political world of OC.
    For too many years, Republicans here have convinced many that they are the sole voice of political opinion from behind the Orange Curtain. Last time I checked there were about 400,000 voters who thought otherwise.
    As evidenced here, the Republican “machine” in OC is not used to being challenged by the left (or hearing dissent from within their own ranks). We have remained silent too long. They are incapable of producing effective arguments to defend their positions.
    Thanks Mike, Dan, and even Matt/Jubal for providing these forums.
    As for the point of the post, I find myself agreeing with Matt/Jubal (horrors!) that it is total NONSENSE to consider reporting of campaign pledges. They aren’t nearly as solid as money in the door.

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