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Have dessert with Jim Brandt

He’s putting America first and politics last. That’s more than his shady opponent can say. Come out and have dessert with Jim Brandt and give him some cash so he can defeat Rohrabacher in the 46th Congressional District. The fightin’ 46th.

The event is hosted by Laurie and Michael Moncrief at their home in Huntington (6561 Clare Drive) this Thursday from 7 – 9 p.m. RSVP by calling 714.594.5244 or email

One Comment

  1. Andrew Andrew August 31, 2006

    Oh, s$%*! I would love to go and see Jim again… Boy, the 46th is so lucky to get to vote for him this year!

    However, I have other commitments this evening… Sorry, but I can’t go.

    Well, at least I’ll have another chance to see Team Brandt at next month’s events!

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