Rush Limbaugh is Dead

Hate talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has died from stage four Lung cancer.  Conservatives mourn.  Liberals likely won’t because we remember the racist, hateful, sexist and inaccurate things he’s said over the years.

From the Forbes obit:

Limbaugh caught fire with an audience that felt alienated and unheard—white men and conservative white women who saw the civil rights movement of the 1960s as a threat to traditional hierarchies and values. He would employ a DJ’s hijinks to keep the audience tuned in—lampooning liberals in a way that thrilled his audience. He “aborted” progressive callers by drowning them out to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. He preceded segments about the openly gay Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts with the song “My Boy Lollipop.” To ridicule animal rights activists he introduced wildlife segments with Andy Williams’ “Born Free,” overdubbed with mortar blasts, shotguns firing and animals squawking. 

From the NewsOne story, this excellent analysis:

In what turned out to be his final broadcast back in December, Limbaugh thanked his faithful listeners and noted that he has “been able to outlive” his terminal cancer diagnosis during an emotional sign-off.

“Even if I can’t make it back, know that this is where I want to be, I will always want to be right here with you and I won’t quit fighting to be right here with you,” Limbaugh said.

Conspicuously absent from his address was any of the racist language that he’s long come to be reviled for among liberals and celebrated among conservatives. It was only earlier this month when he suggested there could be a looming civil war between liberals and conservatives in America. He said at the time on his eponymous radio show that “there cannot be a peaceful coexistence” and declared states with right-wing voters were “trending toward secession.”

The comments were the latest dog-whistling from the once-proud supporter of Donald Trump who has been a lightning rod for controversy over his career that spans nearly five decades. In that time, Limbaugh has repeatedly attacked Black and brown people, like when he helped champion the so-called birtherism conspiracy theory that incorrectly challenged former President Barack Obama‘s nationality.

Here’s a list, kept by NewsOne, of Rush Limbaugh’s most racist quotes.

Limbaugh Says Steinbrenner Was A “Cracker Who Made African-Americans Millionaires”

Limbaugh: Obama & Oprah Are Only Successful Because They’re Black

AUDIO: Limbaugh Calls Gov. Paterson A “Massa”

Limbaugh Calls Obama “Uppity”

Limbaugh Says Kennedy “Had Negroes Serve Him Booze”

Limbaugh: Black Frame Of Mind Is Terrible, Tiger’s Women Not Helping

Rush Limbaugh Goes Off On Mexicans [VIDEO]

1. “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”


2. “Right. So you go into Darfur and you go into South Africa, you get rid of the white government there. You put sanctions on them. You stand behind Nelson Mandela — who was bankrolled by communists for a time, had the support of certain communist leaders. You go to Ethiopia. You do the same thing.”


3. “Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”


4. “The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.”


5. “They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”


6. [To an African American female caller]: “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.”


7.  “I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.  They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well.  I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve.”

8. Limbaugh’s many attacks on Obama.

Limbaugh has called Obama a ‘halfrican American’ has said that Obama was not Black but Arab because Kenya is an Arab region, even though Arabs are less than one percent of Kenya. Since mainstream America has become more accepting of African-Americans, Limbaugh has decided to play against its new racial fears, Arabs and Muslims. Despite the fact Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law school, Limbaugh has called him an ‘affirmative action candidate.’ Limbaugh even has repeatedly played a song on his radio show ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ using an antiquated Jim Crow era term for Black a man who many Americans are supporting for president. Way to go Rush.

So Rush Limbaugh has managed to make racist attacks on four of the most admired and respected people of African descent in the past one hundred years, in Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Colin Powell and Barack Obama. He has claimed that Joe the Plumber, who isn’t even a plumber is more important in this election than Colin Powell, a decorated military veteran who has served honorably in three administrations. How can the Republican party stand by this man and let their candidates appear on his show? Rush Limbaugh’s comments are so racist, they’re funny, in a Borat, Archie Bunker kind of way. What is not funny is the millions of dittoheads who listen to him, who take in and re-spout all the racist rhetoric that he spits. Limbaugh’s statements are echoed in the racist, angry Palin/McCain supporters who shout ‘kill him,’ ‘terrorist,’ ‘communist,’ ‘traitor,’ ‘socialist’ and ‘off with his head.’

9. “We need segregated buses… This is Obama’s America.”


10. “Obama’s entire economic program is reparations.”