Questions for New Democrat Denise Barnes

Denise Barnes, Anaheim City Council
Denise Barnes, Anaheim City Council

Denise Barnes was denied the Democratic Party of Orange County endorsement for Anaheim City Council District 1, a seat she won four years ago as a Republican.  I was offered the opportunity to review her written endorsement application prior to the meeting and made some notes.

I have questions:

  1. Who did you vote for in 2016 for president and why?
  2. What is your position on a woman’s right to choose?  Pro-Choice or Pro-Life.
  3. Please explain your vote against Anaheim’s new city manager; was his sexual orientation a factor in your “no” vote.
  4. You don’t like voting for higher taxes and welfare for all and want to “make solutions to high taxes and more good paying jobs.”  You’ve been on the city council for four years.  Please provide examples of how you’ve accomplished either of those endeavors.
  5. You say you’ve “fought hard to solve homeless, parking problems, police enforcement, code enforcement, massage parlors, and “for sale” cars blocking our streets, also STR’s (sic).” Specifically what action of yours solved these problems or do these problems still exist?
  6. Your motto is “people over politicians and community over corporations” and you have advocated for good housing, fair wages, no subsidies and no crony capitalism.  Please describe examples of your perceived successes in housing and wages.
  7. You say the three most important issues in Anaheim are affordable housing, more parks and better programs for all; what have you done in the past four years to advance these issues?
  8. You seek to improve senior citizen centers; how will your suggested tasks be paid for?
  9. You advocate for small gold cart public transportation system (FRAN) for district 1; how would that work?
  10. You mention the city should provide assistance to support federal policies if “we are reimbursed for services and does not burden our resources.” Does this mean you’d support Anaheim police turning undocumented immigrants over to ICE as long as the federal government pay Anaheim for the service?
  11. You have a council aide, Helen Myers, who clearly has a position against the city’s undocumented immigrant and Dreamer population.  Will you retain her services if re-elected?
  12. Who are you voting for in the 2020 presidential race?  Who are you voting for in Congress?  Who are you voting for in the state assembly?  Which candidates will you support for Anaheim City Council?
  13. If former Mayor Tom Tait were to endorse you, would you accept his endorsement.  Would you criticize Democrats who accept endorsements from prominent Republicans or are you the exception to the rule?

Welcome to the Party Ms. Barnes.  The Party anticipates winning by even bigger margins than 2018.  We still have questions of you.