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Norberto Santana with his son Maximo at the as-yet-unlaunched Voice of OC’s office. Photo: Jonathan Ho

Quality journalism is worth paying for and even though the Voice of OC is free to read online and accepts no advertisements, it needs donations to survive.

Time to open your checkbooks or get out your credit cards and make a donation.

Here’s the email that came in:

Since Voice of OC was founded 10 years ago we have prioritized transparency and integrity. We exist to bring you fair, focused and thorough journalism on quality of life and arts issues for Orange County communities.

This is the type of journalism that cannot wait. If we don’t tell these stories, who will?

That’s why I’m excited to share an opportunity to triple your donation. Voice of OC has once again been selected to participate in NewsMatch, a national matching-gift campaign that drives donations to nonprofit newsrooms across the nation. We also have a local match this year to maximize your donation.

Starting now, NewsMatch and our local fund will match your new monthly donation 12x or triple your one-time gift, all up to $1,000. People who already give each month can give an additional one-time gift that will be tripled.

  • Each person who gives during NewsMatch 2019 and enters a mailing address will be sent a special-edition silver Voice of OC enamel pin.
  • If you give at least $20 as a recurring monthly donation, you will receive a New York Times one-year digital subscription code.
  • You can join the exclusive ambassador’s program (including invitations to special events) for $1,000 every year or $84 every month.

With your support, Voice of OC can earn up to $40,000 in matching dollars.

For a nonprofit like ours, this is a big deal and will help us deliver and expand the kind of innovative and community-focused journalism you’ve come to expect from us every day.

This news can’t wait. The time is now.

With gratitude,

Sonya Quick, Digital Editor, Voice of OC



  1. Greg Lamon Greg Lamon November 6, 2019

    Donated to Voice once, expecting the usual thank you letter for tax purposes because of non-profit status of Voice. Got nothing other than a canceled check. That, plus the current attempt to delve into cultural/arts issues, has led this reader to lose interest. Sorry

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | November 8, 2019

      The cancelled check should be enough. I’d rather the cost of that stamp and stationary go into a reporter’s pocket. I like the articles on culture and art. So there’s something for everyone. Not everyone reads the sports page or the business page. As a reader, you can choose

      • Greg Lamon Greg Lamon November 9, 2019

        Mr. Chmielewski – talk to your CPA – mine says a canceled check is not adequate to satisfy the IRS for a donation amount above $100, that a letter from the non-profit confirming the donation if $100 ore more is necessary in order to take a tax deduction for a charitable donation on the donor’s annual tax return.. I donate to several, and Voice is the only one that failed to send such a letter. A few examples – Tustin Schools Foundation, Orangewood Foundation, Operation Santa Claus, Senior Santas, Project Access, and on and on. Fund raising by bonafide non-profits does bring with it an administrative burden, such as a bit of time to generate a short letter, say thanks, buy a stamp and mail it (not to mention that it usually results in building a mailing list for generating requests to the donor for more funds over the months and years and that can pay off)

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | November 13, 2019

          find a new CPA; mine says it acts as a receipt especially if you make a notation in the memo section

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