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Region 18 Director Deborah Skurnik Launches a Bid for DNC


CDP Region 18 Director Deborah Skurnik and activist Jamie Lee Curtis

An email from Region 18 Director Deborah Skurnik on her candidacy for the DNC:

Many of you know I am running for DNC.  The election will take place on March 21, 2020, at the Spring Executive Board Meeting in the middle of California, Visalia.

We are at a crucial crossroads in our nation’s history.  I wake up each day energized and determined to make sure we stay on the correct path to ensure all of us have a country we can be proud of.

Help me bring Region 18 to the DNC! I need a little assistance to become a new DNC Member from California. I am traveling to as many of the 58 counties as possible over the next five months. It cost to fly, stay in hotels and print materials. I have opened up a committee and would greatly appreciate whatever you are able to contribute.


I also need Region 18 Volunteers to help me pass out my flyers to the Caucuses being held on November 15 and 16, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention.  If you happen to be attending one of the below Caucuses and would be willing to pass out flyers, please let me know.
Email me at:

CDP Caucuses
African American
Asian Pacific Islander
Business and Professionals
Chicano Latino
Children’s Caucus
Computer & Internet
Native American

CDP Caucuses: Additionally, if you are so inclined to support my run to be a new DNC Member would you please repost my “Deb for DNC 2020” logo on Facebook or a picture you may have with me letting your Facebook friends know.

None of this is easy for me to ask.  I find it extremely awkward, however, I know that I can make a real difference on the DNC as I have in
Region 18.

Why now?

I have been fighting the good fight for over 30 years
Worked at every South Orange County Presidential Democratic Headquarters since 1988
DNC Delegate (Bill Clinton 1992 and President Obama 2012)
Canyon Democrats Club of South Orange County founding member, former Vice-Chair and Communications director
Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee Member, AD 73 (2017-2020). Former Outreach Chair (2017-2019) and By-laws Committee (2019-present)
Regional Director, Region 18 (2107 to present) – “Three” of the seven Congressional Members elected in 2018 are from Region 18 (CD 45, CD 48 and CD 49)
CDP Organizational Development Committee Member (2019-2021)
CDP Ad Hoc Committee ADEM Reform
Advocate for Young Democrats running for office
Interfaith leader – Supporting Diversity and Inclusiveness

The Democratic Party needs leaders who understand the crucial issues of our generation:
Prioritizing the Climate Crisis
Gun Violence Prevention
Housing Insecurity & Homelessness
Quality & Affordable Education for All

When we work together in UNITY, we can succeed.

In Unity,

My Deb for DNC 2020 Website is in the works!


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