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Allyson Damikolas announces campaign for Tustin Unified school board

Tustin, CA – Today, local community leader Allyson Damikolas announced her campaign for Tustin Unified School Board in the upcoming 2020 election. In addition to her community involvement, she serves as the President of the Columbus Tustin Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (CT PTO) where she has created supportive social and educational networks to grow the magnet GATE (gifted) program, increase student participation and achievement in extracurricular activities, and expand parent involvement across the board. She also serves on the Tustin Unified School District’s Special Education Community Advisory Committee.

In announcing her campaign, Damikolas released the following statement:

“I am excited to announce that I am running to serve on the Tustin Unified School Board. I have children in our elementary, middle, and high schools. I understand the challenges of kids with special needs. I understand gifted kids’ need to be challenged. I understand what it is like to come from an underserved community, both socio-economic and cultural, and I will fight to ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to succeed.”

Allyson’s numerous accomplishments advocating for children have taught her that conscientious and thoughtful collaboration can move mountains. When two of her children were diagnosed with a complex medical condition, she set aside plans to resume her career as a chemical engineer to become a full-time advocate for her children and their education. Her steadfastness and her engineer’s approach to problem-solving has transformed the CT PTO into a leading voice for change and student success within the district.

Allyson’s advocacy encompasses her commitment to all children’s right to excellence and security in the classroom. Her memories of childhood economic insecurity inform her understanding of the challenges that can be hidden behind the front door. Her own children’s educational needs, from the need for educational support to the need for greater academic challenge and rigor, informs her understanding that families and students come with disparate needs that call for flexible and practical solutions.

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