#CloseTheCamps Protest Today in Laguna Beach

While President Trump prepares military jet flyovers and Sherman tanks on the Streets of DC for his July 4th spectacle, activists in Orange County will gather at Main Beach in Laguna Beach from 11:30 to 2PM today as part of a national #CloseTheCamps campaign to protest the inhuman conditions refugees face at the Southern border.

If a parent denied children, babies, enough food, the ability to wash, brush their teeth or sleep on concrete floors in all manner of weather, they’d be arrested for child abuse.  Even dogs and cats have more laws protecting against the sort of cruelty these immigrant children experience every day in these camps.

This is not a problem Donald Trump inherited from President Obama.  It’s a cruel federal policy that brings everlasting shame to our nation and the silence of Republicans at the federal, state and local levels should be branded on them until they pass this mortal coil.

Here are the details about today’s protest:

#CloseTheCamps Day of Action! 11:30 am – 1 pm at Main Beach. Come grab a sign – or make your own – we have plenty. And we live in a land of plenty, with room for people seeking refuge, like so many of our forefathers and foremothers.