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Who Wants to Be an Irvine Councilmember?

A quick update on the petition for a special election from Democrats of Greater Irvine’s Joe McLaughlin who led the effort.  The group fell short of the necessary signatures so it’s on to Plan B.

UPDATE About the Campaign for an Irvine City Council Special Election – May 3, 2019

Thank you! We want to thank the dozens of volunteers and the many Irvine voters who supported the petition campaign for a special election for City Council in Irvine over the last month.

Volunteers spent many hours going door to door, signing up voters on petitions in front of various Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s and other retail stores, signing up attendees on petitions at elected officials’ town halls, signing up student voters at UCI and other campuses, and asking fellow Irvine voters to sign our petition online.

Many of us have also attended and spoken at Irvine City Council meetings supporting a special election. Please join us at the next Irvine City Council meeting, starting at 4PM on Tuesday, May 14 – please RSVP at

Unfortunately, we did not make it. Today is the deadline to file petition signatures with the city, and we don’t have quite enough.

We started this campaign with no money, no volunteers, a tight deadline and an ambitious goal. A little less than a month later, we still have no money – we’ve been an all-volunteer operation, with no paid staff and no paid petition gatherers – but we have many volunteers, and many voters better aware of and supporting a special election. We’ve accomplished a lot, and built the start of a campaign.

This phase is over but THE CAMPAIGN FOR AN IRVINE CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL ELECTION CONTINUES! We are mobilizing to once again urge the City Council to Let Irvine Voters Decide! Please join us at the next Irvine City Council meeting, starting at 4PM on Tuesday, May 14 – please RSVP at

Let Irvine Voters Decide!
#CA45 #Irvine #LetIrvineVotersDecide

Quite A FEW people to be exact did file to apply for the appointment to the city council with plenty of Democrats to choose from.  Here’s the list of those who applied for an appointment, in no particular order (I believe this is the order the applications were received):

  • Reza Larijani
  • David Ehrlich
  • Joel Golub
  • Mark Newgent
  • Valerie Murray Larenne
  • Gang Chen
  • Scott Robert Hansen
  • Demetra S. Arvanitidis
  • Rachel Owens
  • Michael Carroll
  • Mary Mar
  • Conrad Metz
  • Carrie O’Malley
  • Dustin Raddatz
  • Edward Pope
  • Raymond Roschmann
  • Jay Chien
  • Sukhee Kang
  • Shiva Khamsi-Farivar
  • Lauren Johnson-Norris
  • Greg Smith
  • Kev Abazajian
  • Hardip Barr Passananti
  • Tom Chomyn
  • Mary Ann Gaido
  • Al Tello
  • Russell Stein
  • Evan Chemers
  • Patrick Rodgers
  • Harvey Liss
  • Skye Anderson.

As you can see, lots of Democrats on the list including former Mayor and Council members Sukhee Kang and MaryAnn Gaido.  And from the November 2018 election, Ed Pope, Kev Abazajian and Lauren Johnson Norris.

With a 2 to 2 council split, I see no reason a Republican council member will cast a ballot for a Democrat or for a Democratic council member to vote for a Republican.  If a council member doesn’t show up for the appointment vote, the other party can seat someone. 

I think we’re headed to a special election whether the council likes it or not.  How many appointment seekers will drop out?




  1. Joe McLaughlin Joe McLaughlin May 7, 2019

    Thanks Dan. Yeah Plan B is still a special election. Or Plan A, phase 2 🙂 . Join us at City Council on Tuesday, May 14th

  2. Steven Carter Steven Carter May 7, 2019

    I was happy to see Mary Ann Gaido on the list. If the Council is forced into an election, I hope that she decides to run. She would have been a great mayor.

  3. Bill “Moobs” Barr Bill “Moobs” Barr May 7, 2019

    Anybody with a brain please. (In other words, no Trumptarded Rapepublicans).


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