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Former OC Labor Fed Leader Suspended from AFL-CIO Over an Expense Report

Tefere Gebre – OCYD Clinton Awards

Former OC Labor Fed leader Tefere Gebre, who was elected to the number three post in the AFL-CIO in 2013, has been suspended with pay pending an AFL-CIO investigation into a single receipt submitted in an expense report — a receipt for a Miami strip club that was less than $120.

Apparently, a receipt for $117 was submitted “in error” and then withdrawn.  What’s unclear is was the receipt for a cash payment or on a credit card and if on a card, was the card a personal card or a union one?  The investigation presumably will review past expense reports to other similar “business expenses.”

For senior executives in the private section, business travel means collecting all your receipts and then turning it over to an admin to place the right expenses in the right format.  I’m guessing Gebre had the receipt from the Miami strip club with others for his trip to Florida in November.  So it’s wrong to point a finger of blame to an admin.  But it leads to more questions.  Was Gebre with someone?  Who?  Was he trying to unionize strippers?

SplinterNews broke the story and there have been subsequent reports in Politico and OC Weekly.

From Splinter:

One week ago, on April 23, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka sent a letter to executive vice president Tefere Gebre, the AFL-CIO’s third-ranking official. In the letter, Trumka charged Gebre with abusing his expense account. He wrote:

This is in reference to your claim for reimbursement for an expense you incurred on November 3, 2018. While I have been informed that, after our staff identified the claim as potentially inappropriate, you stated that the receipt evidencing the expenditures was submitted in error, I believe that it is prudent for the AFL-CIO to investigate the matter further.

Effective immediately, you are being placed on paid administrative leave. You will remain on paid administrative leave until this matter has been fully investigated and a decision can be made regarding what, if any, further action is appropriate.


  1. Robert Kraft Rub & Tug Robert Kraft Rub & Tug May 3, 2019

    If anyone needs a union, it’s strippers for sure (and prostitutes otherwise now known as sex workers). If the AFL-CIO isn’t interested in organizing the oldest profession in the world, perhaps SEIU would be more appropriate? But who would be responsible for organizing “spa” workers in South Florida? We all know how much Robert Kraft hates unions and loves South Florida “spas.”

  2. Labor Proponent Labor Proponent May 4, 2019

    Julio Perez was and is a PERVERT. He got off easy(no pun intended) when he was fired for sexual mis-conduct.

    It is amazing to me that labor (Gebre/Perez/Briceno) continues to support, endorse sexual abuse, physical abuse of men and women in their quest for party control.

    When the blowback hits. Don’t be suprised at the rats fleeing the sinking ship. Oh and said RATS not FATS (Greg Diamond reference).

  3. Bill “Moobs” Barr Bill “Moobs” Barr May 7, 2019

    Oh, FATS? You must mean most fat-ass fascist Republikkkan “men”.

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