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Will Shea Vote for New Housing and More Traffic?

Irvine Mayor Pro Tem Christina Shea is in a pickle.

In 2012, she and former Councilmember Lynn Schott ran the above ad in the Irvine World News and came out strongly against adding more homes in the Great Park.  See the last two bullet points in blue at the bottom of the ad.

The Great Park Proposal of 10,700 homes must follow Irvine’s Master Plan standards.  And the project will increase traffic in the area by 40% at peak hours than the airport plan that was defeated under the leadership of Beth Krom and Larry Agran.

This goes three possible ways:

  1. Voting to change the standards of the Master Plan and voting for the Project, Shea could argue she’s kept her word (and most Irvine voters would call BS).
  2. She votes for it anyway because she needs that Emile Haddad/FivePoint Sugar Daddy in political campaign cash to run for Mayor.
  3. She votes no, but Don Wagner, Anthony Kuo and Melissa Fox all vote yes.

Care to place a bet or create odds here?

One Comment

  1. Steve Steve March 7, 2019

    When she’s running for office she tells the public that FivePoint’s development will mean 40% more traffic. That position gets her elected.

    So will she admit that their project NOW will increase traffic by 40% over the airport proposal? Of course not.

    Of all the liars in elected office, she is the worst liar of them all.


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